Either end the draft or include women

June 27, 2013 

Here's a freebie for the Illinois members of Congress to show they are serious about saving taxpayer money: eliminate the draft.

Presently, men 18 to 25 are required by law to register for the draft. Failure to do so may subject them to, among other things, criminal penalties and loss of access to federal student aid.

After the U.S. military services opened virtually all areas of combat to women last winter, I have waited to see Congress take steps to either dismantle the Selective Service System or amend the current Selective Service registration law to include women. Failure to do one or the other invites a slam-dunk legal challenge to the present law on the grounds it constitutes an unconstitutional discrimination against men.

Immediate action to implement one of the above choices will avoid the need to expend taxpayer money defending against an unnecessary lawsuit --and provide at least one example of legislators acting in a financially responsible manner.

Charles Laedlein


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