Africa trip is a waste of money

June 28, 2013 

Why doesn't Barack Obama stay in Washington and at least try to do his job instead of running off on a grand tour of Africa (at a reported cost to taxpayers $100 million) while our economy is still on the brink after over five years of hope and change? The reason is he is incapable of doing his job because he has never run one darn thing in his whole life. What a sick joke he really is.

I remember when Obama was in his first campaign for president and he said in a speech that America was the greatest country in the world and he was going to change that. The crowd of typical Democratic supporters went crazy cheering him. Well, he has changed America and darn near brought this country to her knees.

The next time you vote, please try real hard to get beyond skin color. Look instead at the candidate's experience, moral fiber, real agenda and read the platform of the party he or she represents. If that had been done in an honest way, I doubt that Bill Clinton or Obama would have been elected to our White House.

Once again Obama shows his disdain for all Americans by taking his family on The Grand Tour while unemployment hovers close to 8 percent overall and darn near double that in black America. People asked for change and they sure got it.

Larry McClintick


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