2013 News-Democrat Boys All-Area Track and Field Team

June 29, 2013 

Ja'Mari Ward, Cahokia, fr.

Coach of the Year

Leroy Millsap, Cahokia

First Team

Long Jump: Ja'Mari Ward, Cahokia, fr.

Pole Vault: Jack Klopfenstein, O'Fallon, sr.

High Jump: Justin Kretchmer, Waterloo, sr.

Shot Put: Brendan Duncan, Waterloo, sr.

Discus: Brendan Duncan, Waterloo, sr.

Triple Jump: Chris Moore, Cahokia, sr. and Jamion Nash, Bellevile West, sr.

100 meters: Chris Wiggins, O'Fallon, sr. and Natereace Strong, East St. Louis, soph.

200: Trey Story, Cahokia, sr.

400: Marlin Brady, Cahokia, jr.

800: Darren Payton, Cahokia, sr.

1,600: Patrick Perrier, O'Fallon, jr. and Chris Martin, Mascoutah, soph.

3,200: Alex Riba, O'Fallon, sr.

110 high hurdles: Gary Hickman, Cahokia, jr.

300 Intermediate Hurdles: Marcus Greer, East St. Louis, sr.

400 relay: Cahokia (Trey Story, sr., Ja'Mari Ward, fr., Shayeen Edwards, sr., Tyran Lyons, fr.) and Belleville West (Romello Hatter, soph., Tevin Suggs, sr., Aaron Jackson, soph., Dominic Davis, soph.)

800 relay: Edwardsville (Isaiah Michl (soph., Craig James, jr., Fontez Davis, soph., Rene' Perry, soph.)

1,600 relay: East St. Louis (Kendrick Lewis, sr., Roosevelt Davis, frosh., Jwauhn Askew, jr., Marcus Greer, sr.)

3,200 relay: Cahokia (Marlin Brady, jr., Mike Monigan, jr., Jalon Monigan, jr., and Darren Payton, sr.)

Second Team

Long Jump: Chris Moore, Cahokia

Pole Vault: Pat Riley, O'Fallon

High Jump: Antonio Pierce, Cahokia and Julian Harvey, Edwardsville.

Shot Put: Martinus Mitchell, Collinsville, jr.

Discus: Dan Ryan, O'Fallon

Triple Jump: Ja'Mari Ward, Cahokia

100: Trey Story, Cahokia, Eddie Lusk, Triad, Tevin Suggs, Belleville West and Craig James, Edwardsville

200: Eddie Lusk, Triad

400: Roosevelt Davis, East St. Louis

800: Alex Riba, O'Fallon; Evan Alcorn, Belleville West and Patrick Perrier, O'Fallon

1,600: Alex Riba, O'Fallon

3,200: Patrick Perrier, O'Fallon

110 high hurdles: Marcus Greer, East St. Louis

300 intermediate hurdles: Jason Bliven, Wesclin and Gary Hickman, Cahokia

400 relay: Triad and Edwardsville;

800 relay: Cahokia and Belleville West;

1,600 relay: Cahokia; Belleville West;

3,200 relay: East St. Louis and Belleville West

Honorable Mention

Long Jump: Julian Harvey, Edwardsville; Jesse Douglass, East St. Louis; Damon Boone, O'Fallon. Pole Vault: Joe Blumenstock, Nashville; Zach Bramstedt, Highland; Brendan Northcutt, Edwardsville. High Jump: Jesse Douglas, East St. Louis; Chris Wiggins, O'Fallon; Matt McDonald, Dupo. Shot Put: Chase Hagene, Nashville; Tanner Farmer, Highland. Discus: Devin Holle, Nashville; Chase Hagene, Nashville. Triple Jump: Julian Harvey, Edwardsville; Matt McDonald, Dupo; James Smith, East St. Louis; Deion Garwood, Triad; Aaron Dunn, Belleville East. 100: Carvel Dixon, Madison; Andre McGill, Madison; Sharvell Austin, Sparta; Justin Goff, Wesclin. 200: Carvel Dixon, Madison; Kendrick Lewis, East St. Louis; Sharvell Austin, Sparta. 400: Deandre Crockarell, New Athens; Kyle Hagne, Sparta; Josh Freivogel, Belleville West; Jalon Monigan, Cahokia. 800: Jalon Monigan, Cahokia; Dustin Davidson, O'Fallon; Jwaughn Askew, East St. Louis; Chad Maxwell, Edwardsville; Sam Welbourne, Jerseyville. 1,600: Murphy Affolder, Mascoutah; Josh Rodenberg, Waterloo; Sam Welbourne, Jerseyville; Jacob Marler, Freeburg. 3,200: Chris Martin, Mascoutah; Josh Rodenburg, Waterloo; Greg Rogers, Granite City; Brydon Groves-Scott, Edwardsville; Kenny Heaton, Sparta; Jacob Marler, Freeburg. 110 high hurdles: Os Moore, Belleville East; William Session, Belleville East, John Piper, Alton; Damon Boone, O'Fallon; Jason Bliven, Wesclin; Isaiah Michl, Edwardsville. 300 intermediate hurdles: Isaiah Michl, Edwardsville; Chris Moore,Cahokia; Damon Boone, O'Fallon and Craig James, Edwardsville. 400 relay: Madison, Wesclin, Sparta, East St. Louis. 800 relay: Madison; Sparta, East St. Louis, Triad. 1,600 relay: Sparta; Edwardsville; 3,200 relay: Sparta, Nashville; Highland; O'Fallon.

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