No different than Madoff

June 29, 2013 

Ali Baba and his 40 thieves are all in a huddle to fix the pension problem. Who caused it? Not the employees or retirees who are going to be required to fix it.

Bernie Madoff is in jail for what? Taking money that didn't belong to him. But even in that, the government wanted him to pay back, even taking his assets, houses and all.

What about the thieves who took money out of our pension and never put in the money they were required to? We were always required to pay our part, even forgoing raises to help the state.

They offered that if we would forgo a raise, they would pay 100 percent of our retirement obligation. Those are the years nothing was put in. The same people who voted to cut our pensions draw three or four different pensions, all from the state. How about cutting one or two of them?

Start off a teacher, get a pension; get elected to a county office, get a pension; get elected to a state office, get a pension.

Hold the thieves accountable.

William Beers


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