Justus kept politicians in line

June 29, 2013 

St. Clair County Sheriff Mearl Justus passed away in December. I worked for Justus for approximately 23 years.

Since Justus passed we have had a judge die of a overdose of drugs and another judge charged with crimes involving drugs and a gun. We had a probation officer charged involving drugs. We had a civil servant resig with a cloud of improper behavior at the courthouse. We have a federal prosecutor claiming the investigation is not over yet with more people possibly being arrested.

Could it be Justus was the glue holding the pieces together?

Remember when Coroner Rick Stone was going to run for sheriff and then county Clerk Bob Delaney was supporting Stone, stating Justus was past his time? The next day Stone backed out of running for sheriff and Delaney backed off.

Once Justus resigned and appointed Rick Watson as sheriff, I knew with time St. Clair County would be in good hands. I know Watson and will ask my family and friends to support him in his re-election bid as sheriff of St. Clair County. Justus did it right again.

Steve Mathis

New Athens

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