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June 29, 2013 

am an expert in psychology and thus an expert in mind analysis and the meaning of resulting word association tests that I have given. Keep in mind that I am claiming expertise on my own. It is easy and is done every day -- by public education and college teachers, anyone calling himself an "environmentalist," and by our president on any and every issue known to man.

Thus I will share with you the results of a word association test I gave to 5,000 fictitious people during a recent study. It involved the metro-east in particular and was performed with residents of St. Clair and Madison counties.

The participants were asked to say any word that popped into their mind after I presented my word to them. Such as, when I say the word "sky," you may say "clouds."

OK, here are the results with the word first and the response second: Illinois/corrupt. Corrupt/Democratic Party. Democratic Party/metro-east. Metro-east/unions. Unions/Democratic Party. Democratic Party/corrupt. Nepotism/corruption. Corruption/Democratic Party. Nepotism/metro-east. Metro-east/politics. Politics/Democratic Party. Democratic Party/unions. Unions/Democratic Party. Elections/rigged. Pension abuse/Democratic Party. Democratic Party/metro-east.

The answers seemed to go round and round to end up with responses that led to the same subject words: Democratic Party, unions, corruption, nepotism, metro-east.

Remember, this is an unofficial study, but it sure seems to have a common thread. Or is it just my imagination?

Brent Rains


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