From Wally: Good deed doers are out there

News-DemocratJune 29, 2013 

There are a heck of a lot more good deeds going on out in the world than you ever hear about.

Amazingly enough, it can be hard to get people to 'fess up to the good things they have done. At least by name, anyway.

Sometimes good deed doers don't want their deeds publicized. They don't want their names in the newspaper for many reasons.

Some think it might seem like they were bragging. Or others don't particularly want their names publicized because a lot of others might come asking.

Some, I guess like the person in front of me the other day in the drive-through line at the fast food place who paid for my breakfast, either want to mess with your mind or get a kick of out anonymous kindness.

All of which leads me to the nice guy who wanted to do something to honor postal workers on Monday, National Postal Worker Day.

The man, who wants to remain anonymous, offered to buy doughnuts and coffee for the people in the Belleville downtown post office and the Dutch Hollow branch office.

He managed to get hold of some of the postal union employees and make his pitch to them.

The union officials, who also didn't want to have their names in here, talked it over and came up with a nice decision.

They asked the donor if he would be willing to write a check to the tornado victims in Oklahoma. So the man sent $500 to the Red Cross.

The Red Cross sent him a nice letter thanking him. It also sent a letter to the postal workers union, thanking them for making the suggestion.

So everything worked out well. No cholesterol. No fats. No sugar.

Just some help for people in trouble through no fault of their own.

No names, no faces, no complications. Just good news.

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