Real Estate: What's your neighbor's home selling for?

June 30, 2013 

Recent real estate transactions for St. Clair, Madison and Monroe counties.



* 2242 Arnold Palmer Drive; from Benjamin Louden and Kelli Louden; to Douglas J. Palagi and Lauren W. Palagi; $257,000.

* 612 Springwood Drive; from Steve Harter and Kerrie Harter; to Nicole Knight; $230,000.

* 220 S. Jackson St.; from Melanie K. Lancey; to Valerie J. Pemberton; $65,500.

* 1366 Orchard Lakes Circle; from Lily M. Lewis and Steven M. Bergan; to James Bauersachs; $172,000.

* 301 S. Charles St.; from Rosemary W.Boules and Karen J. Downey; to Heista Properties LLC; $45,000.

* 41 N. Douglas Ave.; from Julia Bramsen; to Veron C. Hartz and Nancy D. Hartz; $105,000.

* 16 Aaron; from Ethel C. Westfall; to BBM Investments LLC; $63,500.

* 1518 Progress Lane; from Timothy M. Artime; to Ellen D. Peradotto and Bradley Peradotto; $130,000.

* 2633 Cheynne Wells Drive; from Fulford Construction Inc.; to Kenneth D. Bone and Heather L. Bone; $186,500.

* 2209 Cotswold Drive; from William E. McGeehon, Trustee; to Mary A.Dorsey; $120,000.

* 100 Rio Verde; from Anthony D. Hilliard; to Julie A. Sanchez; $162,000.

* 16 Rockingham Place; from James Holmes and Ruth Holmes; to Michael Vogt; $248,000.

* 9834 W. Main St.; from Alisha William; to Michale Brown; $22,000.

* 3301 Mississippi Ave.; from Terrill Huelsman and Sheila Huelsman; to How Properties LLC; $115,000.

* 200 Clearview Drive; from Brian T. Brady; to Melissa Snow and Ryan Rutz; $95,000.

* 215 N. 60th St.; from Michael Gebhart; to Gary Gebhart and Jean Gebhart; $75,000.

* 1201 Express Drive; from Robert T. O'Dell and William K. O'Dell; to Marcia J. Patrick; $46,500.

* 1943 Llewellyn Road; from Janice T. Behrman; to Jerry L. Leehy Sr. and Jeffrey A. Leehy Jr.; $45,000.

* 609 Springdale Drive; from Allan J. Range and Kathleen K. Range; to Chad Jurcich; $110,000.

* 6222 Warren Drive; from Anthony D. Pearson and Megen R. Pearson; to N.P. Dodge Jr., Trustee; $87,000.

* 6222 Warren Drive; from N.P. Dodge, Trustee; to Angie L. Nicholson; $85,000.

* 116 Lynnhaven Drive; from Charles E. Murphy; to Joann M. Buchanan; $85,000.

* 18 Oxford Court; from Scott Hacker; to Michael Black and Megan St. Clair Pearson; $124,000.

* 15 Towne Hall Estates; from Samuel Lutton and Nada Lutton; to Brian Rapini and Lindsay Rapini; $315,000.

* 206 S. 18th St.; from Russell Dawson, Edna Dawson, Douglas Dawson; to Antonio J. Wilkerson; $68,000.


* 38 Agnes Drive; from Robinson Realty LLC; to Main Street Real Estate Holdings; $30,000.

* 808 St. Thomas Lane; from James E. Moeller; to Robinson Realty LLC; $12,000.


* 514 Hollywood Heights; from William T. French; to JulieStephenson; $56,500.

* 8800 Maple Ave.; from Lori A. Wetzel; to Christy Buehler and Peter Kofarago; $90,500.

* 51 Susanne Court; from Gladys Smith; to Daniel C. Cauley; $10,000.

* 140 Valley Drive; from Darwin D. Patrick and Marcia J. Patrick; to Max W. Boyd; $47,000.


* 1 Lavadna Court; from Kenneth J. Hunter and Dawn R. Hunter; to Nicole Jenkins; $135,000.

* 928 Nichols St.; from Danny W. Guentzel and Donna j. Guentzel; to Jonathan C. Snyder and Janelle D. Snyder; $103,000.


* 801 Autumn Rise & 804 Briar Lake; from F&F Land Co. I LC; to James Vizcara and Kristen Vizcara; $52,000.

* 1550 Rueck Parkway; from Kory N. Haywood and Tricia K. Haywood; to Frank J. Beelman III, Trustee; $140,000.


* 720 State St.; from Secretary of Housing and Urban Development; to Shannon Bridges; $37,632 mortgage, but no sales prive available.


* 66 Chateau Drive; from Federal National Mortgage Assoc.; to The Lincoln Real Estate Group Inc.; $44,000.

* 1435 Magdelena Ave.; from Citibank NA; to Asar Investments LLC; $5,000.

* 26 Ridgeway Meadows; from Secretary of Housing and Urban Development; to Debra A. Hartman; $151,152 mortgage, but no sales prive available.

* 14 Broadstone Drive; from Renee Kassly; to Bradley Harr and Kathryn Harr; $168,500.

* 247 W. School St.; from Dennis Largent and Cheryl Largent; to Kyle J. Daum; $70,000.

* 320 Kim Drive; from Secretary of Housing and Urban Development; to Sajid Manzoor; $67,527 mortgage, but no sales prive available.


* 311 N. Edison St.; from Edward Scheibel and Kimberly Scheibel; to Bethany Mudd; $152,500.

* 310 N. West St.; from Roger Moritz and Sue Moritz; to Brian D. Spacher and Ashley N. Spacher; $164,000.


* 10159 Rieder Road; from James M . Pikula; to Ashley N. Jamison; $88,000.

* 111 W. Schuetz St.; from James G. Reese; to T. Bow Inc.; $21,000.

* 11255 Spring Meadow Trail; from Slayton Newman and Nancy Newman; to Nathaniel J. Brink; $75,000.


* 410 S. Euclid St.; from Heirs and Devisees of Walter Cross; to Christopher Baker; $30,000.


* 9933 Cessna Court; from New Tradition Homes LLC; to Ronniekla B. Harris; $210,000.

* 9929 Cessna Court; from New Tradition Homes LLC; to Marshall S. Cavit and Pamela K. Cavit; $210,000.

* 1127 Beechcraft; from New Tradition Homes LLC; to Dale Arnold and Jaclyn Arnold; $202,500.

* 544 N. August St.; from Howell E. Lewis; to Sharon Pratt; $220,000.

* 824 W. State St.; from Dustin P. Brown and Brittany D. Brown; to Emma Kinney; $109,000.


* 3311 Terrace V iew Court; from Garrett E. Johnson, Herschel E. Johnson, R.E. & Development LLC; to Kristi L. Coppernoll and Phil E. Coppernoll; $236,300.

* 219 E. Madison St.; from Gregg Crawford; to Anthony L. Valleroy and Jessica Bouquet; $105,000.


* 2400 Deer Run Road; from Carol Balentine, Betty Kimbrel, Barbara Schultz; to Jesse Newberry; $45,000.


* 1121 Creekside Court; from Brenda Sandheinrich; to Roddy Martin and Dana Martin; $175,000.

* 109 W. 7th St.; from Kenneth Talbot and Vicki Talbot; to Tyler Korte; $112,000.

* 1121 Hightower Place Drive; from Paul A. Hays and Linda K. Hays; to Diana Cote and Steven Cote; $294,000.

* 2130 Streamview Court; from Coleman G. Sherman and Bobbie Lynn M. Sherman; to Amanda Jo Reardon; $173,000.

* 801 E. Nixon Drive; from Andrew T. Reichelt and Keara K. Reichelt; to Denis McBride and Ann M. McBride; $110,000.

* 612 Dustin Lane; from Duane E. Stumpf; to John Timothy Wagnon; $284,000.

* 1225 Hillcock Lane; from Thomas D. Chittenden II and Krystal R. Chittenden; to Brian Bentele; $145,000.

* 804 Meadowlark Drive; from Paul P. Nixon and Yoshimi A. Nixon; to Douglas Peterson and Vanessa H. Peterson; $145,000.

* 908 Victoria Lane; from John T. Wagnon and Kara D. Wagnon; to David M. Babcock and Kimberly A. Conway-Babcock; $185,000.

* 613 Julia Drive; from Gary D. Vosburgh and Rebecca K. Vosburgh; to Sean Harris and Shalyne Harris; $162,000.

* 1559 Sinking Springs; from Mark P. Wyrosdick and Kathleen Wyrosdick; to James J. Pochopien and Keysha A. Pochopien; $275,000.

* 924 Crabapple Lane; from Philip P. Lazare and Pamilla A. Lazare; to Michael Triplett and April Triplett; $208,000.

* 607 W. Adams; from Paul Owens and Tiffany Owens; to Dennis Fix; $90,000.

* 1002 Timber Creek Lane; from Diane Michelle Blue; to Mary Ann Bevirt; $158,000.

* 977 Whitechapel Drive; from Brian P. Rongey and Stacey A. Rongey; to John Rummer; $170,000.

* 550 Highland Estates Drive; from Roman Jaye and Rebecca Jaye; to Frank Walden and Rosario Walden; $222,000.


* 2261 Wellington Drive; from Thomas E. Prosser; to Ira T. Lilly Jr. and Ann R. Lilly; $130,000.

* 2615 Cascade Lake Drive; from Thomas A. Melendez and Jill L. Melendez; to John Mullett and Linda S. Mullett; $237,500.

* 206 S. Second St.; from Patrick V. Pelland; to Thomas McManus Jr. and Mary McManus; $103,000.

* 977 Holyoke Drive; from Duane B. Colbus and Rachel Colbus; to Nicholaus J. Schemmel and Amanda K. Schemmel; $162,000.


* 607 S. Hickory St.; from Linda L. Darugna; to Patricia A. Boyle; $147,000.

* 210 N. East St.; from William P. Watkins and Bernice Watkins; to Allan J. Range and Kathleen K. Range; $200,000.


* 225 Mimosa; from Arthur Hayhurst; to Donald J. J.Sudholt and Antonette M. Sudholt; $80,000.

* 2211 N. Illinois St.; from Jim McDonald Sales; to Village of Swansea; $21,200 mortgage, but no sales price available.



* 1925 Orchard Blvd.; from Douglas E. Bucklew; to Joyce E. McCombs; $51,000.


* 235 Oak Drive; from James Thomas Ross and Lorraine AnnRoss; to Nathan A. Shewmake; $68,000.

* 535 Grant St.; from Douglas A. Dankenbring; to Joshua Capstick; $98,000.

* 112 Valleywood Court; from James E. Scott and Sherry R. Scott; to Edgar O. Abellano and Brianne M. Abellano; $155,000.


* 1225 Cedar Ridge Court; from Craig Albrecht, Rebecca Willman Albrecht, RebeccaWillmann Albrecht, Rebecca Willman, Rebecca Willmann, Rebecca Albrecht; to Chad Bates and Kelsey Bates; $156,000.

* 114 Courtland Place; from Nicole Jenkins; to Lucas Thomas Mizulski and Christa Garcia; $114,000.

* 24 Braircliffe Drive; from Cynthia Michele Presson; to David Paul Launhardt and Laura Christina Launhardt; $148,000.

* 586 Watch Hill Road; from Harold R. Parket; to Samuel E. Mercado and Angelica M. Mercado; $132,000.

* 20 Grandbrook Blvd.; from Fannie Mae, Federal National Mortgage Assoc.; to Chad Harrington and Catherine Harrington; $162,000.


* 226 Grand Ave.; from TJW Properties LLC, T J W Properties LLC; to Joshua C. Baker; $63,000.


* 626 Yale Ave.; from Michael Fitzpatrick and Jane Fitzpatrick; to Zachary J. McNelly and Katharine M. Fitzpatrick; $120,000.

* 887 Prestonwood Drive; from JCS Acquisition LLC, Homefront Properties LLC; to Andrew K. Carruthers and Heidy P. Carruthers; $285,000.

* 112 Schwartz St.; from Ada M. Shaw; to Todd Shaw; $185,724 mortgage, but no sales price available.

* 5 Picketts Crossing West; from Kurt A. Reser and Jeanne Reser; to Kyle Hunt and Jana Hunt; $277,500.

* 322 Spring St.; from Jason Hale; to Phillip Buckely and Monika Buckley; $163,000.


* 3124 Alexandria Drive; from Phoenix Homes of Illinois LLC; to Suzanne Hankins; $205,000.

* 104 Oakshire Drive East; from WBC Development LLC; to Craig Richert and Katelyn Richert; $198,500.

* 230 Sturbridge Blvd.; from John F. Hack and Christina Hack; to Ryan Matthews and Elizabeth Matthews; $220,000.

* 44 Leon Drive; from Elizabeth Willnow; to James R. Campbell and Amanda Campbell; $93,000.

* 1347 Birger Ave.; from Michael D. Neulist and Karen Neulist; to Michele Webster; $108,000.

* 205 Bayhill Blvd.; from Elza Nistorova Ibroscheva, Elsa Nistorova Ibroscheva, Sami Hussein Moussawi; to Meaghan B. Weedon; $159,500.


* 2707 Melrose Ave.; from Fannie Mae, Federal National Mortgage Assoc.; to Sue A. Millspaugh; $61,000.

* 101 Loretta Lane; from Estelle Rynders; to Douglas A. Dankenbring; $92,000.

* 113 Alby North Court; from Michael D. Paslay; to Ronald E. Wieneke; $155,000.

* 5001 Foxland Court; from Maurice D. Tiahrt, Melanie Pisarek Tiahrt, Melanie Pisarek, Malanie Tiahrt; to Derek Barnard and Krista Barnard; $400,000.


* 15 Devon Hill Lane; from Shearlock Joyce Vaughn, Joyce Vaughn, Joyce Shearlock; to Derek S. Penrod; $132,000.

* 4821 Bailey Drive; from RPDK Development Inc.; to Herrin Construction Co.; $37,000.

* 4916 Sequoia Drive; from Frederick Joseph Vorce and Zenda Bianca Vorce; to Dana R. Travis and Keri G. Travis; $163,500.

* 2928 Grand Ave.; from Andrew Miller; to Michelle Charbonnier; $87,500.

* 3200 Aubrey Ave.; Jerry Besserman, Tina M. Besserman, Besserman Living Trust; to Lauren A. Treptow; $103,000.


* 203 Cook Ave.; from Daniel Lammi, Maria D. Mangum, Mabel A. Lammi; to Daniel A. Niemeier, Michael A. Niemeier, Beth R. Niemeier; $82,500.


* 170 Quail Drive East; from Amy L. Trauernicht and Scott L. Trauernicht; to William A. Cross and Barbara A. Cross; $171,000.

* 75 Arrowleaf St.; from Kevin C. McGinley and Abbey L. McGinley; to Christopher A. Becker and Holly D. Becker; $232,500.

* 1 Keeven Court; from Melissa M. Helm and Robert William Helm; to Kimberly A. Donahue; $145,000.

* 130 Porte Drive North; from Michael P. Hamil, Reena j. Hamil, Reena J. Reynolds; to Jennifer C. Riebold; $112,000.


* 660 Livingston Ave.; from Ronald J. Heinz and Suzanne Heinz; to James L. Herendeen and Jamie S. Herendeen; $130,000.


* 432 Division St. East; from Michael D. Tracy and Stephanie J. Tracy; to Kelly Hobbs; $100,000.


* 300 Parkview St.; from Katherine Konsky, Catherine S. Konsky, Richard L. Konsky; to Kevin B. Conner; $172,000.

* 424 Copper Bend Road; from Christopher R. Judd and Kimberly A. Judd; to Zachary L. Hyatt; $176,000.

* 2126 Tuscany Ridge Court; from Bradley J. Hunziker; to Robert Phillip Tosi and Rita M. Tosi; $298,000.

* 411 Giofre Ave.; from Jason D. Daenzer and Veronica L. Daenzer; to Jerri Robertson; $129,000.


* 213 Smith Ave.; from Roland Ford Jr. and Trisha Ford; to Brittany Lewis; $39,000.


* 533 Whippoorwill St.; from Tim Bayer and Bethany Bayer; to Seth VonBerhren and Meredith VonBehren; $138,000.

* 421 Orchard Court; Nathan Hart and Kassandra Hart; to Todd G. Peter; $125,000.

* 9 Hook Pond Way; from Devin P. Meier and Amanda L. Meier; to Huntington Chase Homes Corp.; $26,000.


* 420 Pheasant Court; from Wildewood Cove Development Inc.; to Tracy Sparks; $169,000.

* 9 Emerald Ridge; from Judith L. Haynes and Lance A. Haynes; to James S. Obrien, James S. O Brien, Monica L. Obrien, Monica L. O Brien; $375,000.



* 231 W. Washington St.; from Mary Ann Gregson; to Kim Davis; $125,500.

* 119 W. Oak St.; from Shannon L. Stumpf and William R. Stumpf; to Curtis E. Mericle; $132,500.

* 122 Forest View Drive; from Fannie Mae, Federal National Mortgage Assoc.; to Angela Bollmann; $176,500.

* 425 Dianne Ave.; from Phyllis A. Fick, Trustee, Warren E. Fick, Trustee, Warren E. Fisk Trust Agreement; to Julie A. Polson and Kyle T. Polson; $109,000.

* 560 Wernings Drive; from Larry G. Hoff, Trustee, The Wernings Land Trust II; to Christine A. Idoux and Ryan S. Starr; $46,500.

* 563 Wernings Drive; from Larry G. Hoff, Trustee, The Wernings Land Trust; to Monroe Homes Inc.; $44,000.

* 418 Terry Drive; from Karrie L. Dame-Miller, Karrie L. Daniel, Mark R. Daniel; to Matthew J. Koch; $216,000.


* 2519 G Road; from Charlene Diesel and John J. Diesel; to Jamie Lynn McHugh and Jerry L. McHugh; $225,000.


* 310 Country Village Lane; from Craig L. Moll; to Margie Burns and Thomas M. Ostendorf; $154,000.

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