Securing borders is first step

July 1, 2013 

Why provide illegal aliens with a path to citizenship? Can we even trust illegals to support U.S. interests above their home country?

Adult illegals who overstayed their visas, snuck into the country or paid someone to smuggle them in knew they were breaking the law. The best they should receive is legal residency.

Politicians granted amnesty in 1986. pledging to secure the borders. They didn't. Should we believe their promises now? Securing the borders should be the first priority before any path to legalization.

The second priority is to end chain migration; the third is to end birthright citizenship for children of illegals and tourists.

Though U.S. law forbids admittance to immigrants likely to depend on public assistance, illegals burden us now. We pay their medical costs, law enforcement-related costs, food stamp and other welfare-type payment costs they shouldn't be receiving and their children's school cost. A loophole allows them to receive the IRS Child Tax Credit even if they've paid no taxes, some claiming up to a dozen children under the age of 17, some of whom are not even in this country. One source estimated the cost at $7.4 billion.

For those who say they take only jobs citizens don't want, they took good construction jobs after severe storms damaged roofs in the metro area. Many roofing teams only had one person who spoke English.

Say no to citizenship.

Aubrey Marsters


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