Get down off that high horse

July 1, 2013 

Well, another one of those liberal letter writing telling us how only he proves facts and addresses the issues, then fills the page by calling conservatives every repulsive name in the book. This time it was Kevin Gagen. And just what issues did he address in his letter and which facts did he produce? How about none.

He wants to debate the issues with opponents but like all liberals, he would ignore the real problem of the country and the perfidy of the Obama administration.

I really get tired of this kind of rhetoric which is nothing more than hypocritical, pompous cow cookies.

I will say something about one of my favorite adversaries, letter writer Frankie Seaberry. She calls things as she honestly sees them and doesn't engage in all this high-minded hokum. We seldom agree but that's what democracy is all about.

So I wish liberals like letter writers Michael Dillier, Gagen, Gene Robke and Joseph Reichert would get off this poppycock of imagining themselves as the only portrayers of wisdom and truth. They need to recognize that they ain't no better than the rest of us. Mostly they are worse!

Leon Anderson


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