Rush to judge George Zimmerman

July 1, 2013 

I would like to respond to the letter June 22 by Lori Felts. She contends that Trayvon Martin did not deserve death.

I am not saying that Martin necessarily deserved death, but with what he did he brought it upon himself. He was acting suspiciously, he drew attention to himself and then attacked a Neighborhood Watch member who was performing his duty.

Felts said that Martin was shot down in cold blood. I suggest she look in the dictionary for the definition of, "in cold blood." It is defined as: "Considering or planning an act beforehand that shows intent to commit that act." There is no evidence (at least so far) that George Zimmerman had any preconceived intention of killing Martin.

Felts was right in saying that just because someone dresses or talks differently or is a different color does not mean he deserves to get shot. However, anyone who maliciously attacks someone, especially a law enforcement officer in performance of his duty, can and should expect response by deadly force.

It is unfortunate that a teenager's life was lost, regardless of what race or color he was, but the incident was something he brought upon himself. As for any guilt concerning Zimmerman, was it a matter of him personally or his job?

Frank B. Austin


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