Clear picture of socialism

July 1, 2013 

Recently a writer criticized one of my letters as not knowing what godless progressive socialism was all about.

Truth is, I know a few things regarding progressive socialism. I have witnessed communism firsthand before the Cold War and after as well. I have witnessed all forms of socialism as I and my family lived in Germany for several years.

I have traveled extensively throughout the world and I have seen the ugliness of socialism at work in East Germany and in all of the Eastern Bloc countries under Soviet domination. Most recently I have seen communism at work in China.

The theme behind socialism and communism is that they have a large central government run by a dictatorial and educated elite. The leaders feel empowered to tell the average citizens how to live their lives.

They will provide you with many rules and regulations. Your freedoms of choice will be restricted.

Our founders did not believe such a strategy would work because when power is concentrated, it can often be abused. We are witnessing widespread abuse of power in this progressive government. The government leaders are using large sums of our wealth to solidify their power base by creating entitlements.

During my travels throughout the socialist countries, I noticed all religious activity was forbidden except in China, which reluctantly allowed Buddhist temples to remain open.

If the progressive government is not soon controlled it will bankrupt our nation and devastate the liberty of all citizens.

William D. Coulson


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