Illinois June was wetter, cooler than normal

News-DemocratJuly 2, 2013 

The rainfall for June in Illinois more than doubled what fell on the state last year, according to the state climatologist, making 2013 the wettest year on record so far.

Statewide, the average rainfall was 5.2 inches, which is more than an inch more than the 1981 through 2010 average and more than double the June 2012 total of 1.8 inches, said Illinois State Climatologist Jim Angel at the Illinois State Water Survey, Prairie Research Institute of the University of Illinois.

The two wettest areas in the state were in northern Illinois and in an area just south of Interstate 70 which each received more than 8 inches of rain. Flora received the most rain with 12.63 inches in June, but Scott Air Force Base was close behind with 12.34 inches and Belleville's SIU Research Center received 10.97 inches. Troy recorded 9.68 inches and 9.35 inches fell on Belleville.

So far this year the state has received an average of 28.7 inches, which is 8.9 inches above average and the wettest January-June on record for the state. It is more than double the 12.7 inches that fell in January-June of 2012 during the height of the drought.

The statewide average temperature in June was 71.5 degrees, which was 0.3 degrees below average.

So far this month, many areas in the metro east have already received an inch or more of rain, according to data from the National Weather Service.

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