Misquoted by the BND

July 2, 2013 

I was totally embarrassed upon reading an article written by reporter Carolyn P. Smith and published in the BND on June 27. When I read the words attributed to me, I at first thought that reporters and newspapers are entitled to a mistake. However, when I received calls from my former students to whom I taught English and speech, from former colleagues at East St. Louis School District 189, the University of Illinois, Washington University and St. Louis University and from friends in the metro-east community, I knew that I had to write this letter.

The statement mistakenly given to me was, "We ain't gonna boogie our way out of this mess." I totally disagree with the thought presented (I am in favor of business and family entertainment like bowling, skating and museums) and I certainly would not express my opinion in those words.

I feel strongly that given a feasible plan, which is being put in place, and with some much-needed funds, the established plans can be implemented even though there are those who want to take over the city program by program. It is important, too that we stop demeaning our city and begin developing positive ideas of businesses which can be successfully established even if we no longer have the industry which was here when we were an All America City some years ago.

With dedication, determination and diligence we can succeed in spite of the plotting, planning and hoping that we fail.

Lillian A. Parks

East St. Louis

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