Liberal hypocrisy

July 2, 2013 

I got quite a kick out of Kevin Gagen's letter June 18 in which he castigates those mean old conservatives who dare to challenge his liberal views. You know, those "self-appointed character assassins who expose their own lack of credibility and integrity".

He pats himself on the back for not specifically referencing letters of other writers, but then "slam dunks" conservatives with differing views. He doesn't use their names, of course, he just refers to them as "amateur economists, unapologetic bigots, gun lunatics, folks who use religion to justify hate, and bullies who scream loudly in repeating lies." Talk about hypocritical.

Gagen says he speaks to facts and issues, but all I saw in his letter was name-calling --the very thing he decries. That's what liberals always seem to do when they can't win an argument -- they resort to name-calling.

I don't believe people are attacking Gagen personally. I believe they are simply expressing a vastly different point of view from his. If a person is going to send letters to the editor about controversial issues of the day, I think he should expect some hard-hitting rebuttals.

Les Harris