Appointment challenged

July 2, 2013 

I filed a complaint with former St. Clair County Clerk Bob Delaney and also with Canteen Township for what I believe to be the illegal appointment of the highway commissioner on May 23. I am filing a more formal complaint along with my attorney, whom I will not disclose because of how St. Clair County seems to intimidate most attorneys.

The claim is against the past administration of Supervisor Willie Mcintosh and the Canteen Township concerning how the highway commissioner was appointed for four years when the township supervisor's term expired on May 20.

My attorney will ask for the minutes from the April 24 meeting; we will also ask that they provide official documents showing that Carl Gomez has legally resigned from the highway commissioner position and also we will ask for the official document showing that Gomez was sworn in after the April 9 election.

I will not sit by quietly and continue to let certain officials do what they want and not be held accountable for there behavior. I was the only candidate to oppose Gomez for his seat.

Leonard J. Moore

Washington Park

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