Quinn plays the gun card

July 3, 2013 

Gov. Pat Quinn was in full re-election mode on Tuesday when he announced his amendatory veto of a concealed carry bill.

Lawmakers worked long and hard to draft a compromise bill that could pass. If Quinn had ideas about what should and should not have been included in the bill, he could have worked with lawmakers while they were crafting the bill.

Instead, he waited until a week before a court-imposed deadline to discount their efforts. With the TV camera's rolling and flanked by anti-gun head nodders, Quinn intoned: "We ... have to take action to protect the safety of the people of Illinois." As if lawmakers didn't take public safety into consideration when they adopted this bill.

It's not as if Illinois is the first state to adopt concealed carry; it's the last. It shouldn't be this difficult for Illinois residents to obtain their Second Amendment rights.

The amendatory veto likely will be overridden by lawmakers next week, but no doubt that's OK with Quinn. His priority is not the safety of the people of Illinois, but rather the 2014 election and his own job security.

This grandstanding shows how out of touch Quinn is. His obstructionist antics are more likely to lose him support than gain it.

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