I can't believe that was Albert Pujols

Posted by Scott Wuerz on July 3, 2013 

I can't believe how bad Albert Pujols looked at the plate Tuesday night in his debut against the Cardinals.

There was no mystery about how the Redbirds were attacking Pujols. It was almost all hard stuff away. I guess manager Mike Matheny figured Pujols would have to much pride to take what St. Louis was giving him and slap the ball into right field. Instead, he tried to pull everything with overly-aggressive swings. And, more often than not, Pujols came up empty. In the first two innings Pujols was a gift to St. Louis starter Lance Lynn. He struck out twice to proved half the outs: the two he made with whiffs and the other a base runner he hung out to dry by not making contact.

The one time Pujols reached base -- via a walk -- he looked absolutely terrible running the bases.

Hopefully the Cardinals can iron out their one bad inning a game tonight and get back on the winning track.

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