Summer Beverages

July 3, 2013 

Last night, as we prepped to host yet another gathering, John said “You like throwing parties, don’t you?” It wasn’t really a question as much as a statement of fact. I do like to throw parties. Is that so wrong?

And now that we finally have a kitchen with an island and don’t have to bring out a folding table for food (that table is officially retired from party duty!), we have plenty of room for food and beverages.

The island is always stocked with deer sausage, personally made by John (and his buddies Chris and Andy - had to give them a shout out as they’re always jealous of John being in Lipstik!). And usually Harry and David dip. My philosophy is I don’t make anything with more than 3 ingredients. The dip is Harry and David Pepper and Onion Relish - classic recipe! - and cream cheese. Even I can handle that. Which is why it became my signature “dish” to bring to bunco nights (before we stopped playing bunco and started going out to dinner).

And John makes a fruit tray by cutting a pineapple in half then placing chunks back in it along with strawberries and grapes. As one facebook friend commented on the photo “Looks professional. Like you are vacationing in Mexico!” Thanks Karen!

The beverages vary, depending on time of year and the guest list. A few weeks ago, we hosted our “Missouri friends” and John spent hours muddling watermelon for our watermelon martinis (he is wonderful, isn’t he?). And when I say “our” I mean, created by John, the mix-master. He makes the most wonderful drinks, everything from turtle martinis (to die for!) to rum punch (with 3 types of rum and 3 types of juice - it counts as a serving of fruit!) to yucca (a summer specialty, especially popular on the annual float trip).

Wow, look at the time . . . better get home to set up for tonight’s soirée.

I really do like hosting parties. Is that so wrong?

Check out our Facebook page here to ge my watermelon martini recipe.

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