With freedom comes great responsibilities

July 3, 2013 

The Fourth of July, another paid holiday, big fireworks celebrations and band concerts. Some people do not have a clue as to what this holiday commemorates. Many people do, but there are still many people and veterans who do know what this stands for and means to this nation's well- being. Then there are some people in prominent places who don't care.

The Declaration of Independence was discussed and written by a small group of men in just a few days in 1776. Wouldn't it be nice if today's Congress could read, discuss and make decisions as quickly? This occurred 237 years ago without telephones, typewriters, computers or cell phones. Amazing.

I sit and ponder what many people were thinking 237 years ago. The Continental Congress had just agreed to the Declaration of Independence, which was a declaration of war against the most powerful nation and army in the world. Apparently many people, if not most, thought it was time to stand up against unfair and unjust taxes, and most were willing to fight and die against this tyranny.

During this conflict many of the people had to provide their own weapons, horses and sometimes food. They left their families to fight for freedom of religion, speech, assembly, right to bear arms, states rights and unfair taxation.

Today, many people consider these freedoms entitlements with no responsibilities. People who take no responsibility for their freedoms make poor citizens.

Lew Hiatt


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