July 4, 2013 

— Mary Jo and Timothy Cassie of Carlyle, a girl, May 30.

HIGGINS -- Tresa and Brett Higgins of Highland, a girl, May 30.

ALBERS -- Crystal and Allen Albers of Carlyle, a girl, June 1.

CASE -- Danielle and Michael Case of Highland, a boy, June 5.

STRAUCH -- Clarissa and Jimmy Strauch of Centralia, a girl, June 5.

WEH -- Melissa and Derek Weh of Breese, a boy, June 6.

REES -- Amy Rees of Nashville, a boy, June 7.

SMITH -- Holly Smith of Farina, a boy, June 7.

O'DELL -- Kaila and Chris O'Dell of Troy, a girl, June 9.

LYNN -- Ann Lynn of Carlyle, a girl, June 10.

VENHAUS -- Larissa and Nicholas Venhaus of Breese, a boy, June 11.

SCHNEIDER -- Chelsey Schneider of Vandalia, a boy, June 12.

DUNCAN -- Ashley and Nathan Duncan of Aviston, a girl, June 13.

WINKELER -- Melissa and Kelvin Winkeler of Breese, a girl, June 13.

MCDOWELL -- Andrea and Darrell McDowell of Highland, a boy, June 13.

STINDE -- Andrea Stinde of Irvington, a boy, June 16.

TURLEY -- Lindsey and Kyle Turley of Greenville, a boy, June 17.

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