Poor judgment led to Trayvon Martin tragedy

July 5, 2013 

This is in response to the letter written by Kathy Craig, "Don't be so quick to judge."

The media is only guilty of reporting the opinions of others just like the BND does daily ... just like they posted her opinion (judgment). A tragedy it is, but it is a tragedy that America didn't have to go through. It was the quick judgment of George Zimmerman that brought this tragedy to the homes of America.

Ask yourself: Would Zimmerman have approached Trayvon Martin if he wasn't armed? I think not, but since he was armed with false courage he did and the tragedy was given life at the expense of a life.

Yes, Zimmerman was a volunteer for Neighborhood Watch -- keyword "watch." If he had watched a little longer, he would of seen the kid go to his father's house.

Craig goes on to say, "Was Martin wrong for being in the neighborhood? Probably not." Since when is it wrong to be anywhere in this free society? There is no probably about that. He was walking, minding his own business. She also asks: "Was Zimmerman wrong for being suspicious? No." That is so ridiculous because suspicion is nothing but a judgment.

The truth of the matter is only two people know what exactly happened that dreadful night. It's just too bad that only one person is alive to tell his side.

Louis C. Johnson


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