Former Cardinals RHP Kyle McClellan clears waivers, reports to minors with Rangers

Posted by Scott Wuerz on July 6, 2013 

Former Cardinals pitcher Kyle McClellan has cleared waivers and will remain with the Texas Rangers, the team reports.

McClellan will head to Class AAA where he'll try to continue to regain strength and command following shoulder surgery in 2012. He had a 7.71 ERA in 9 1/3 innings with Texas after previous stints in Class AA and AAA where he had a combined 2.00 ERA in nine innings.

Pressed into service as a starter in 2011 when Adam Wainwright required Tommy John surgery and missed the season, McClellan had his best year in the majors. He won 12 games and had a 4.19 ERA. But he wore down late in the season, not making a start after July 25, and he's never been the same since.

McClellan appeared in August and September as a reliever. But he could make only one appearance in the post season, a third of an inning pitched in which he gave up two hits and a run, thanks to an elbow problem.

His elbow continued to give McClellan trouble in 2012 when he made only 16 appearances with a 5.30 ERA. Later that year, as he tried to rehab, the Cardinals reported that McClellan hurt his shoulder, requiring surgery to repair his labrum and the capsule.

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