Rhetoric gets in the way

July 6, 2013 

In a recent tirade, letter writer Leon Anderson talks about facts and rhetoric and then continues to spew untruths and write about the same old stuff he always writes about. Can you say rhetoric?

He lumps me in with other writers and labels me a liberal. If supporting the death penalty, concealed carry and gun owners' rights and opposing illegal aliens is liberal, then I am guilty. If being in favor of voter ID requirements to vote and believing that welfare recipients should be required to be tested for drugs and pass the test before receiving any benefits is "liberal", then lock me up.

Anderson also implies that I think I am better than him and I am "the only portrayer of wisdom and truth." This is not even close to the way I feel. I have always backed equal rights and the concept that everyone should be treated the same.

Anderson loves to talk about facts but continues to use half-truths and misconceptions to explain his opinions. And as far as rhetoric goes, he continues to name the same writers he disagrees with on any subject in every letter he writes.

Michael Ray Dillier


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