Health care postponement is political

July 6, 2013 

Friday's edition had an editorial by the CEO of on speculating as to why President Obama decided to postpone the implementation of Obamacare to large and midsize employees until 2015.

Obama makes no decisions that would do anything less than further his agenda. As most of these large and midsize companies are more than likely unionized, and when Obamacare gets into full effect, health care premiums will skyrocket, as some have already as a result of Obamacare; just ask any active or retired AT&T employee.

With midterm elections looming in 2014, the last thing Obama wants is to alienate his strong union base prior to those elections, and I believe that is the only reason he has postponed the full emplementation of Obamacare until after the mid-term elections.

Jim Rachell


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