Evil is beginning to win

July 6, 2013 

This letter will be a different stance than my usual political views -- well, maybe.

The past few decades have show an increasing veil of evil creeping over the land. This is displayed in increased poverty, crime, drug abuse, political scandals, church scandals, numbness or blind eye of the citizens of what is happening. Satan is no longer a snake in the garden but a true controlling manipulator of people of every walk of life, regardless of nationality, color, church or political affiliation.

He is reaching our children through television shows, music, advertising and video games. Adults are following the same manipulations along with other temptations.

The good to all of this is that the Bible is very clear about what is happening in our time. War, rumors of war, famine, flood, the list goes on. If one has doubts, read the Book of Revelations.

For those who are not believers, just open your eyes and look, listen and take an honest view of what is happening. Certainly the next few years will bring more chaos, disease and disasters.

Just don't trust our politicians and world leaders to help out.

Bob Anderson


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