Look beyond local politics

July 6, 2013 

The nearsighted and uneducated who rail about the local political swamp we are in, and will remain in, have beat that dead horse to death and have accomplished a big fat zero. It is St. Clair County/Little Chicago politics as usual. It is not local but national unethical politics that is circumventing our liberties and freedoms.

It is the loss of our liberties and freedoms as Americans to the Democrats and their lackeys, the majority of the Republicans. The fact that the federal Internal Revenue Service has uploaded to their Obamacare data files every medical procedure, doctor visit and hospitalization people have ever had in preparation for full implementation of our gift "Obamacare" should scare the hell out of us.

Is your response that you have nothing to hide? That would be true if you were dealing with an ethical administration. If you can get past the comics and the sport section of our newspaper and turn to the news section that our newspaper is still providing you on a daily basis, factual information that can keep you up to speed.

Our paper has performed in an outstanding manner, and does so daily. But people have to be involved. The paper can inform, but people have to perform if we are ever going to right the Good Ship USA America.

Lee Harris


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