2013 Belleville News-Democrat All-Area Girls Track and Field Team

July 6, 2013 

Emmonnie Henderson, Edwardsville, sr.

Coach of the Year

Mikala Thompkins, Edwardsville

First Team

Long Jump: Lauren White, Edwardsville, sr., and Micayla Collins, East St. Louis, sr.

Pole Vault: Kennedy Roderick, Edwardsville, sr., Anna Gailius, Belleville East, Belleville East, sr., and Claire Buck, Triad, so.

High Jump: Kelsey Shannon, Belleville West, jr

Shot Put: Emmonnie Henderson, Edwardsville, sr., and Lena Giger, Highland, jr.

Discus: Emmonnie Henderson, Edwardsville, sr.

Triple Jump: Kayla Marshall, Collinsviille, jr., and Raynesha Lewis, Cahokia, fr.

100 meters: Denesha Swift, O'Fallon, jr..

200: Aniecia Brewster, Belleville East, sr.

400: Ni'Jia McNamee, Belleville West, soph.

800: Tami Cardenas, O'Fallon, soph.

1,600: Brittney Burmester, Red Bud, sr.

3,200: Brittney Burmester, Red Bud, sr.

100 hurdles: Jasmine Berry, Belleville West, jr.

300 hurdles: Markita Rush, East St. Louis, sr.

400 relay: O'Fallon (Tashia McClenton, sr., Aleasha Jones, jr., Nautica Lockett, soph., and Deneasha Swift, jr.)

800 relay: O'Fallon (McClenton, sr., Jones, jr., Lockett, soph., and Swift, jr. )

1,600 relay: Bellleville West (Jasmine Berry, jr., Tatyana Lewis, soph., Camelia Nicholson, sr., and Ni'Jia McNamee, soph.)

3,200 relay: O'Fallon (Tami Cardenas, soph., Samantha Lapp, jr., Sydney Nea, jr., and Athena Eccher, jr.)

Second team

Long Jump: Dasha Thomas, Cahokia; Claudette Day, Belleville West and Raynesha Lewis, Cahokia. Pole Vault: Lauren Kershner, Triad and Lauren Mense, Freeburg. High Jump: Lauren White, Edwardsville; Natalie O'Keefe, Granite City; Deborrah Blackburn, Edwardsville; Amy Rzepczynski, Columbia and Abi Sowash, Triad. Shot Put: Aaliyah Covington, Edwardsville. Discus: Aaliyah Covington, Edwardsville and Lena Giger, Highland. Triple Jump: Morgan Sharpe, Edwardsville; Micayla Collins, East St. Louis and Dasha Thomas, Cahokia. 100 meters: Jenniba Johnson, Triad. 200: Aleasha Jones, O'Fallon and Tatyana Lewis, Belleville West. 400: Camelia Nicholson, Belleville West. 800: Emily Holtzclaw, Highland. 1,600: Savannah Ames, Althoff. 3,200: Deanna Deterding, Red Bud; Allie Sweatt, Edwardsville; Samantha Lapp, O'Fallon and Allison Zobrist, Highland. 100 hurdles: Kristen Dowell, Edwardsville; Claudette Day, Belleville West and Markita Rush, East St. Louis. 300 hurdles: Kristen Dowell, Edwardsville and Jasmine Berry, Belleville West. 400 relay: East St. Louis. 800 relay: Triad. 1,600 relay: O'Fallon, Edwardsville and East St, Louis. 3,200 relay: East St. Louis.

Honorable Mention

Long Jump: Charlene Helton, Marquette; Abrea Hopson, Belleville West; Kayla Marshall, Collinsville. Pole Vault: Hannah Seeger, Nashville; Kassie Riedle, O'Fallon; Iva Shepherd, O'Fallon; Kenesha Taylor, East St. Louis and Chelsea Hill, Freeburg. High Jump: Marie Harla, Althoff; Raynesha Lewis, Cahokia; Amber Ingram, Alton; Holland Hempen, Mater Dei and Mary Claire Davis, Jerseyville. Shot put: Abby Lealaimatafao, Freeburg; Daisha Townsend, Cahokia; Cara Brooks, Althoff; Aaliyah Herron, East St. Louis; Ally Richter, Triad; Becca Krebal, Columbia; Mashele Belk, Belleville West; Jasmine Spearman, O'Fallon and Lashonda Brewer, Cahokia. Discus: Daisha Townsend, Cahokia; Easten Hoepker, Nashville; Alexus Handy, East St. Louis and Reneese Batson, O'Fallon. Triple Jump: Lajarvia Brown, Alton; Sydney Jones, Jerseyville; Erica Brown, Nashville; Ciara Lohman, Central; Ciara Jones, O'Fallon and N'Kia Jones, Alton. 100 meters: Kalli Hentis, Red Bud; Earlicia Shaw, Cahokia; Daria Walker, East St. Louis; Aniecia Brewster, Belleville East; Jessica Jump, Metro-East Lutheran and Abrea Hopson, Bellevile West. 200: Jessica Jump, Metro-East Lutheran; Kalli Hentis, Red Bud; Jenniba Johnson, Triad and Desiree Blanks, Cahokia. 400: Jessica Jump, Metro-East Lutheran; Katie Jokisch, Wesclin; Chelsea Hill, Freeburg; Chyah McIntosh, O'Fallon; Taylor Sunkett, Belleville East and Jasmine Berry, Belleville West. 800: Karley Schley, Metro-East Lutheran; Brittney Burmester, Red Bud; Allie Sweatt, Edwardsville and Abby Richter, Triad. 1,600: Allison Zobrist, Highland; Samantha Lapp, O'Fallon and Sydney Neal, O'Fallon. 3,200: Madeline Lager, Mater Dei and Sydney Neal, O'Fallon. 100 hurdles: Erin Johnson, Wesclin; Dynesha Powell, East St. Louis; Dasha Thomas, Cahokia; Tyler Bakarich, Triad; I'Yana Odom, Cahokia and Ciara Jones, O'Fallon. 300 hurdles: Claudette Day, Belleville West; Lauren White Edwardsville; Sydney Thompson, Nashville and Dynesha Powell, East St. Louis. 400 relay: Nashville, Cahokia, Triad, Belleville West, Belleville East, Alton and Collinsville. 800 relay: Nashville, Cahokia, East St. Louis, Belleville East, Belleville West and Grante City; 1,600 relay: Nashville; Freeburg, Triad, Alton and Cahokia. 3,200 relay: Metro-East Lutheran, Triad; Highland and Freeburg.

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