Real estate: What's your neighbor's home selling for?

July 7, 2013 

Recent real estate transactions in St. Clair, Madison and Monroe counties.



* 2725 Pro Tour Drive; from Josh Phillips and Gwenevere Phillips; to John J. Driscoll IV; $127,500.

* 220 S. Virginia Ave.; from Murray S. Fields and Ann E. Fields; to nathan Stuller and Allison Stuller; $118,000.

* 117 Aaron Drive; from Estate of Ronda Lane, Karen Lane, Executor; to Jonathan J. Jacoby and Jennifer D. Jacoby; $68,500.

* 423 S. Illinois St.; from Midland States Bank; to Chet Shelton and Kimberly Shelton; $75,000.

* 3213 Mill Springs Road; from Barbara L. Rehdish; to Salvataore Spatafore III; $83,000.

2433 Coniferous Drive; from Secretary of Housing and Urban Development; to Larry Miller; $109,000 mortgage, but no sales price available.

* 24 Glencoe Drive; from Phillip Clemens; to Tony Groves; $28,000.

* 16 Kansas Ave.; from Brian Brown and Brandi Brown; to Robert Huelsman and Georgia Huelsman; $27,500.

* 9 Hollyhock Lane; from Jason Warner; to Linda Wegrzyn; $111,500.

* Lot 7, Old Lantern Lane; from Southside Development LLC; to Michael Hauser; $40,000.

* 4 Dover Drive; from Nathan S. Bayton and Natalie C. Bayton; to Jerry J. Trent Jr.; $108,500.

* 7100 Sharon Drive; from Gustav B. Damann; to Karl Armstrong and Julie Armstrong; $61,500.

* 400 Hickory Manor; from Russell T. Hogue and Gloria Hogue; to Keith Howard and Christine Howard; $190,000.

* 2 Sandra Drive; from Kara L. Stewart; to Larry E. Hopkins Jr. and Ninette M. Hopkins; $142,500.

* 4245 Oak Lane; from The Secretary of Veterans Affairs; to Arthur A. Fahrner; $4,050 mortgage, but no sales price available.

* 34 Bedford Drive; from Linda Unger; to Paul R. Anderson and Rebecca L. Anderson; $76,000.


* 115 W. Second St.; from Rev. Paul Wienhoff; to Corrine Hunter; $958 mortgage, but no sales price available.

* 405 E. 5th St.; from Irish Springs LLC; to Kyniras Investments LLC; $46,000.

* 125 Kinder; from Irish Springs LLC; to Horizon Trust Custodian FBO Brian Will; $49,500.

* 121 St. Barbara; from Irish Springs LLC; to American Estate & Trust FBO Linda Bauer IRA; $50,000.

* 1703 Andrews; from Irish Springs LLC; to Cedars LLC; $47,000.

* 3809 White St.; from Valentines Homes LLC; to Horizon Trust Co. Custodian FBO Mary A. Oakley IRA; $52,500.


* 401 S. 2nd St.; from Theresa McCorkel; to Angela Ward, Joseph C. Wasser, Lee Ann Wasser; $85,000.

* 108 Twin Drive; from Norma F. Goscinski, Larry E. Goscinski, Robert A. Goscinski; to Jose Ochoa; $45,000.

* 913 Thornbridge Court; from Craig Friesz and Renee Friesz; to Eric Halverson and Linda Halerson; $290,000.


* 820 Briar Lake Place; from Flower and Fendler Inc.; to Leila Keiser and Mark Keiser; $291,500.


* 137 N. 8th St.; from Roger D. Payne and Katherine L. Payne; to Melissa A. Meyer; $155,000.

* 105 N. 3rd St.; from Tygracon Properties Inc.; to Zakuria Chism; $98,500.


* 803 N. 84th St.; from Irish Springs LLC; to American Estates & Trust FBO Joe Wilson IRA; $43,000.

* 810 N. 84th St.; from Irish Springs LLC; to Worldwide Realty LLC; $48,500.

* 8201 Boul; from Irish Springs LLC; to Cedars LLC; $54,000.

* 512 N. 43rd St.; from Jerry Jones; to Dwayne Stanley; $2,500.

* 902 Wesley Ave.; from Irish Springs LLC; to Nvest Properties LLC; $48,500.

* 7123 Park Place; from Irish Springs LLC; to Horizon Trust Co. Custodian FBO Paul Hathaway IRA; $50,000.


* 602 Ember Crest Drive; from McBride & Son Residential Illinois LLC; to Melissa M. Witt-Smith; $210,500.


* 405 & 409 Bloomfield Court; from CCV Development LLC; to Kevin Brown and Ruth Brown; $49,000.


* 322 E. Fulton St.; from The Village Bank; to Tracy E. Harris; $58,500.

* 408 N. Main St.; from Michele Behrns, Michele Rainey, Mark R. Behrens; to Jeffrey G. Guetersloh; $80,000.


* 109 N. Market St.; from Discoveration Inc.; to Tiffany Junge; $144,000.

* 26 W. Patterson; from Emil Kromat and Cecilia Kromat; to Ronda R. Raesly; $14,000.

* 411 Turquoise Court; from CNR Inc.; to Shannon Gass; $203,000.

* 9632 Weatherby St.; from Hunters Creek Development LLC; to Kappert Construction Co. Inc.; $45,000.


* 846 & 848 M & O Station Road; from Interstar Properties LLC; to Timothy A. Clarkson and Bryan J. Clarkson; $148,000.

* 2700 Mullins Road; from Christopher Steufert and Patricia Steufert; to Chad Schaeffer and Melissa Schaffer; $469,000.

* 586 Admiral Wendt Parkway; from Chad Schaffer and Melissa Schaffer; to Daniel Kloess and Brooke Toenjes; $263,500.

* 104 Traver Tine Circle; from Christy Budt; to Brent L. Herrmann and Connie J. Hermann; $215,000.


* 5101 Cheltenham Court; from Thomas Miner and Candi L. Miner; to Scott Leo and April Leo; $250,000.

* 1115 Northern Dancer Drive; from Rodrigo Hernandez and Carolina Hernandez; to Arthur A. Hayhurst; $194,000.

* 612 W. Nixon St.; from Amanda Rogers, Amanda Nuckolls, Travis Nuckolls; to Matthew R. Travers; $108,500.

* 741 Erics Run Drive; from Joseph B. Framptom and Sabrina W. Framptom; to Mark A. Keller and Charity H. Keller; $249,000.

* 1050 Woods Way; from Phillip A. Szczesniak and Renata M. Szczesniak; to Pang K. Yeung and Hui Rong Yeung; $160,000.

* 331 Dennison Drive; from Scott Edward Babos; to Nancy Reeson and Jess T. Reeson; $215,000.

* 728 Michael St.; from Jean A. Renolds; to RyanLuechtefeld and Alicia Luechtefeld; $138,500.

* 309 S. Walnut St.; from Casual Coastal Investments LLC; to Daniel Asberry; $27,000.

* 1158 Heartstone Drive; from SMR LLC; to Boyd F. Niesen and Julie M. Niesen; $500,000.

* 1213 Tanglewood Trace; from Lexicon Relocation LLC; to Patrick Knight and Shelly Knight; $186,000.

* 437 Bandmour Place; from Barnes Properties Inc.; to Christine A. Rusick; $239,500.

* 937 Allenbrook Ave.; from Donald E. Case Jr. and Barbara L. Case; to Brent Schwierjohn and Kortney Schwierjohn; $228,500.

* 1105 Rutherford Ridge; from Mark J. Terhaar and Terri L. Terhaar; to Edmund E.E. Raines III; $325,000.

* 1127 Nancy Drive; from Dennis L. Woodward and Constance D. Woodward; to Virginia L. Lipe; $109,000.

* 1304 Merriam Parkway; from D & F Contracting Inc.; to Rich Lytle and Kendall Bowen; $45,000.

* 908 Stone Briar Drive; from McBride Stone Briar LLC; to Brandon W. Kassebaum and Bethany L. Kassebaum; $258,500.

* 909 Allenbrook Ave.; from Wade Evans and Alice Evans; to Bryan Rucknagela nd Amanda Rucknagel; $225,500.

* 934 St. Clair St.; from Michael Zimmerman and Ellen Zimmerman; to James Nash and Debra Nash; $96,000.

* 1465 Schwarz Meadow Drive; from Barbara K. Horner; to Sarah Tarbush; $161,000.

* 1110 Nancy Drive; from Gary Fitzgerald and Mary M. Fitzgerald; to Lorene M. Hollenkamp Living Revocable Trust; $90,000.

* 715 W. Washington St.; from Donnell Woods; to Tara A. Tota; $114,500.

* 333 Macon Court; from Norman P. Lorange and Susan P. Lorange; to Joseph M. Sanchez and Kathleen M. Sanchez; $237,000.

* 156 Stonehaven Court; from Brian E. Nottingham and Kate N. Nottingham; to Christopher R. Guinn and Mary Jo Guinn; $875,000.

* 652 Royal Crest Way; from Scott T. Eversgerd and Amanda M. Eversgerd; to Alan Meredith and Brittany Meredith; $205,500.

* 125 N. Peaceful Place; from Shawn Graves and Michelle Graves; to Sandra Clark; $90,000.

* 1408 Victoria Square Court; from D & F Contracting Inc.; to Charles Noyes and Geneva Noyes; $216,000.


* 2254 Mallard Bend Court; from Charles C. Stroud; to Jodee Stroud; $260,000.

* 2547 London Lane; from TTW LLC; Manuel Montalvo; $158,500.

* 212 Eden Park Blvd.; from Craig A. Smith; to Bryan Huntsman and Carolyn Huntsman; $290,000.

* 2048 Cedarwood Trail; from Bank of New York Mellon; to Ben R. Burkett and Patricia M. Burkett; $190,000.

* 310 Locust Drive; from Robert J. Spellman and Amy L. Spellman; to Ian Schoone and Alexandra Schoone; $181,500.

* 409 S. Main St.; from Brandon J. Lindemann; to Cedarhurst of Shiloh Cottages LLC; $85,000.

*106 W. Julie St.; from Cedarhurst of Shiloh Cottages LLC; to Cedarhurst of Shiloh Cottages LLC; $8,000.


* 3113 Fieldview Drive; from Jerry J. Trent Jr.; to Nathan S. Bayton and Natalie C. Bayton; $233,000.

* 5375 State Route 159; from Lana Flowers; to David Helfrich and Charlene Helfrich; $200,000.


* 1843 Carrington Way; from T. Bow Inc.; to AEB Properties LLC; $95,000.

* 520 Homestead Ave.; from Brandon W. Kassebaum and Bethany L. Kassebaum; to Jordan Stouffer and Jennifer Stouffer; $158,500.



* 436 14th St.; from Daniel Hornsey and Mary Hornsey; to Kerri M. Harbers; $66,000.

* 2519 Sanford; from Aaron L. Broyes and Kelly L. Broyes; to Robin Blankenship; $65,000.


* 8100 Bethalto Road; from Jeffery Duncan and Laura Duncan; to Scott W. Manns and Laura M. Manns; $208,000.


* 1670 Straube Lane; from John R. Clark and Carmen L. Clark; to Maurice Jones and Heather E. Jones; $167,500.


* 525 Westridge; from James R. Hausmann, Gary L. Hausmann, James E. Hausmann; to Danny Guentzel and Donna Guentzel; $117,500.

* 101 Julia; from Scott Demay; to Steve Bartos and Christine Bartos; $88,000.

* 9 Fairlane Drive; from Christopher N. Nevenner and Alanna M. Nevenner; to Joshua R. Mehring and Brenna M. Mehring; $137,000.

* 629 High School St.; from Vicky L.Roberson and Michelle Roberson; to Robert J. Hayden and Tammy L. Hayden; $145,000.


* 3320 Hershiser Court; from Superior Home Builders Inc.; to Timothy Strazinsky; $475,000.

* 2025 Golf Course View Drive; from David Croft and Catherine Croft; to Walter Bazarnik and Ava S. Bazarnik; $480,000.

* 3329 Snider; from Niccol Development Co. Inc.; to Brent Rakers and Jessica Rakers; $437,000.

* 420 Plum St.; from Jason Reinneck and Stephanie Reinneck; to Alissa Orris; $109,000.


* 613 Briarstone Drive; from Remington Properties LLC; to Christopher T. Gelsinger and Lacey J. Gelsinger; $340,000.

* 2 Wildwood Court; from Justin Oliver; to Huzaifa Quaizar; $337,000.


* 982 Koenig Drive; from Bradley K. Gaffney and Julie A. Gaffney; to William Reed; $149,000.

* 4721 Blu Fountain Drive; from Donald M. Barton Jr.; to Jamie Sue Shirrell; $165,000.

* 4636 Alby Road North; from Jon D. Collman Jr. and Agnes E. Collman; to Cory M. Zippmann and Casta M. Zippmann; $133,000.

* 1110 Taylor Ave.; from Bernard R. Springman and Carol J. Springman; to Jon D. Collman and Agnes E. Collman; $193,000.


* 1096 Wanda St.; from Edward A. Cook and Janhell Cook; to Christine M. Forgette; $88,500.

* 2505 Edison Ave.; from Thomas Herd; to Rosemary M. Beckham; $77,000.

* 5116 Buena St.; from HomeInvestors LLC; to Matthew Whitehead and Amy Whitehead; $121,000.


* 3258 Giger Road; from Michael Korte; to Cayla Welchlen; $89,000.

* 25 Whistling Straits Drive; from James J. Winet and Sarah B. Winet; to Michael J. Korte; $191,500.

* 50 Sunset Drive; from Joseph W. Severs and Mary A. Severs; to Donna J. Martin; $165,000.


* 6843 Kensington Drive; from William Moran and Virginia Moran; to Bonnie J. Korschgen; $168,000.

* 909 Woodland Drive; from Jeffrey R. Daugherty; to Eryn S. Daugherty; $137,500 mortgage, but no sales price available.

* 5 Annebriar Drive; from Jeffrey T. Slaby and Jennifer L. Weis; James P. Freeman and Susan D. Freeman; $195,000.

* 616 Birch Lane; from Gary L.Kee and Jan L. Kee; to Betty J. Risse; $178,000.


* 1122 Summerfield Road; from Aaron M. Warren and Melissa D. Warren; to John Z. Mason and Melissa A. Mullen; $151,500.

* 1511 Malia Drive; from Leslie R. Henseler and Ava M. Henseler; to Roy L. Bonner II and Traci Ann A. Bonner; $325,000.


* 124 Granary Court; from Roger Lee Barrett Jr. and Donna Marie Barrett; to Diamante Capital LLC; $70,000.

* 929 Carla Drive; from Jeffrey W. Souders and Natalie J. Souders; to Joshua Arthur Daugherty and Carol A. Daugherty; $175,000.

* 121 Elmer St.; from Merla Sue Billquist, Steven Willard Hansel, Sheila May Maul, Carla JeanHansel, Paula Jane Couglin; to Aaron E. Brenkendorff; $90,000.

* 280 Sunnybrooke; from Joseph E. Osborn, Donald P. Osborn, Osborn Development; to Penn Builders LLC; $38,500.

* 247 Sunnybrooke; from Joseph E. Osborn, Donald P. Osborn, Osborn Development; to Sundance Home Development Inc.; $39,500.

* 59 Lake Shore Drive; from Chad J. Morris and Tina L. Morris; to Mary Coulter, John W. Coulter, Rita K. Coulter; $115,000.

* 622 Meadowlark St.; from Cadigin Homes Inc.; to Robert C. Vaughn; $172,500.


* 110 Goodall St.; from DAH Properties LLC; to Mark Moseley and Lee Anne Moseley; $44,000.



* 454 Terry Drive; from Brian C. Smith Sr.; to Michelle A. Monheiser; $225,000.

* 502 Bottom Ave.; from Michael R. Crook, Trustee and Susan D. Freiburghaus,Trustee; $116,000.

* 1701 Ghent Road; from McKenzie C. Ferguson and Paul M. Ferguson; to Gary M. Schanz and Sara Schanz; $195,000.

* 216 Prairie Run; from Francis A. Roberts and Shannon V. Roberts; to Jeffrey R. Jacobs and Jennifer R. Keeley-Jacobs; $379,000.

* 1182 Franke Drive; from Monroe Homes Inc.; to Molly Mrsich; $281,500.


* 314 Grand Ave.; from Rachel E. Eckart, Mark A. Jones, Rachel E. Jones; to Scott Schmidt; $130,000.

* 5904 Crowe Farm Road; from Citizens Community Bank; to Christopher J. Rutz and Tracy L. Rutz; $363,000.

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