Sound-off 7/8

July 8, 2013 

Belleville Mayor Mark Eckert and St. Clair County Board Chairman Mark Kern are two peas in a pod. Kern denies the airport is a money pit while Eckert denies that the old Angler's Park is a money pit. Let's keep wasting taxpayer dollars on things people don't need or want. Isn't that what the Democrats do, throw money at problems until they are buried under it?

West trail is a mess

When some relatives recently came into town, we walked on the trail surrounding the new Belleville West. What I saw shocked and disgusted me. High weeds bordered the trail. Portions were covered so thickly in grass that it was almost unidentifiable as the trail. Other parts were washed out to the point that it was impassable. Belleville West and school district administrators should be embarrassed.

Double standard

Every liberal tells me that we can't penalize children whose parents came over the border from Mexico illegally, that we need to give them amnesty because we can't blame them for the sins of their parents. Why is it that same liberal wants to hold me responsible for somebody's great, great, great grandfather who treated blacks wrong during the Civil War and after? My grandfather wasn't in the United States at that time, but I'm held responsible for their sins. How does that work?

Return to GOP rule

We must elect a Republican U.S. Senate and House in November 2014. Do you realize that due to Obamacare, many people with minimal jobs are having their employment cut to part time so that employers don't have to pay for health insurance? In the next 3.5 years President Obama can destroy this country.

Same bad results

One would think with the problems in St. Clair County, Illinois and the United States, all of them run by Democrats, that the rank-and-file Democrats would at least be embarrassed by what these people are doing. People ought to be hopping mad about what they are doing. Yet these same people go to the polls every Election Day and put the same people back on office.

Sympathetic to Deen

I don't understand the fallout about Paula Deen. Everybody makes mistakes. It's almost comical what our society has become. What about the movie stars who are child molesters, drug addicts, wife beaters or cheaters? It's a shame to make an example of good old Paula.

Don't answer honestly

In my opinion the cry for open and honest dialogue on race relations has been set back 10 years by the reaction to Paula Deen's admission she used the N-word. Apparently we can't handle the truth. It's just a word. And it only carries the power that a person gives it. A lesson from Deen's situation is deny everything.

Racism is all around

I can't believe Paula Deen lost her jobs because of a racist word she said 20 years ago. I was watching a black female witness testifying in the Trayvon Martin case. The young lady stated Martin told her over the phone that he was being followed by a white man, a "cracker." I'm not saying calling someone a cracker justifies being shot and killed, but let's face the truth. There is discrimination on all sides and we all are fools because we are made in God's image. God does not discriminate.

Not fooled by TIFs

The explanation of tax increment financing in Belleville Mayor Mark Eckert's newsletter is a shell game that doesn't fool anyone. If it's paid for with our tax dollars, eliminating all TIFs could lower our taxes. It should be called pork, because that's what it is.

Pension realities

I retired after 33 years at a major communication company, I was a first line manager for 30 years. My pension is just under $26,000 a year. How do people who work for government get $80,000 or $86,000 a year pensions? I never even made that much a year when I worked. This needs to stop.

Fix that road

Cahokia Mayor Gary Cornwell, how about putting some asphalt down in that rough spot out in front of Maplewood School? It was like that when you became mayor, I would think by now you would of had a village employee fill it. It is a major thoroughfare through Cahokia. Like so many other people, I am tired of it.

Ugh, burning garbage

At 10 o'clock on June 31, I'm sitting outside my house in St. Louis Gardens in Cahokia, and what do I smell, one of my neighbors burning garbage. I would like to thank this ignorant person for ruining my delightful evening.

Where are feds?

I'm calling about the charges for the police officer, Douglas Young, who is accused of bringing a controlled substance to a prisoner in the St. Clair County Jail. Good job for State's Attorney Brendan Kelly for saying that police officers will be treated just like everybody else. I see here that Young has been arrested for suspicion of official misconduct. It says on the side of the controlled substance prescription bottles that transfer of the medication is a federal offense. I'm still waiting for the rest of the charges.

Quinn endangers us

Gov. Pat Quinn seems to be either unable or unwilling to follow federal directives on the concealed carry law. The biggest threat to public safety in this state is Quinn and his minions.

The wrong lesson

Since when have schools been allowed to display sexually oriented advertisements? I was offended and appalled to walk through a corridor at Southwestern Illinois College and see sexually oriented material tacked onto every single classroom door. Not only did it contain sexually explicit enticements to explore sexuality, but SWIC's logo was contained in the text as a supporter. As a taxpayer, a student and a parent, it seems out of bounds for any school to condone the advertisement of any type of sexual activities.

Who's in charge here?

Ann Rodgers was elected mayor of Washington Park, so why is consultant Ray Coleman running the village? The village is laying off workers in the street and fire departments but leaders just hired a planner for $30 an hour. The chief of police gets $60,000 a year and Coleman gets $3,333 a month. All this is happening because Rodgers can't think for herself.

Taxes out of control

How can the French Village Fire District justify a 100 percent increase in the fire protection tax? No other fire district in this area has this high a rate. Two years ago they raised it by 50 percent; now 100 percent. My tax is now over $300, almost as high as my homeowner's insurance. I wish my salary would go up 100 percent.

Not the Catholic way

How dare Gov. Pat Quinn say he's Catholic and then support same-sex marriage? No practicing Catholic should believe anything other than what God taught, that marriage is between a man and a women.

Reaction to high rates

Concerning the recent article in the BND, UnitedHealthcare to terminate contract with Belleville Memorial Hospital. Didn't the BND recently publish an article stating that Memorial was one of the most expensive hospitals in the area? This would pretty much explain why UnitedHealthcare wants to terminate its contract. People need not blame UnitedHealthcare it appears the hospital is to blame.

Update Althoff story

What's the status of the alleged videotaping incident at Althoff High School? Surely the school administrators have had enough time to look into this matter. Transparency, please.

Fireworks fizzle

I notice there weren't any fireworks stands around Belleville. I wonder what the city did to run these people out. There used to be quite a few stands. It's funny that Belleville is always hollering for money but continues to run people away. I know they didn't bring much money into the community, but every little bit helps.

How did training go?

Now that the Fourth of July is over and after hearing dozens and dozens of fireworks being shot off in the Belleville area, just how many attended the fireworks training program at the Belleville Fire Department?

Where's the outrage?

A lot of people are up in arms that newly appointed St. Clair County Clerk Tom Holbrook may be eligible for two pensions based on his service as a state representative, chairman of the Pollution Control Board and now clerk. I am wondering, where is the outrage for those who serve in the military, retire with a full pension, then get a cush civil service job and a second full pension from that? Keep in mind, these folks also go to the front of the line when applying for civil service jobs.

Pensions are priority

Let me see if I have this straight. First Jay Hoffman lost his election in his old district, then state Rep. Tom Holbrook gets appointed to a state job. That leaves his position open for Hoffman to move to Belleville so he could get elected to Holbrook's old seat. Now Bob Delaney has quit as St. Clair County clerk and the St. Clair County Board appoints Holbrook to that position. Now Holbrook says he wants to help his home county. What about the elected job he gave up in this home county to go to a state job? Really, just how stupid do they think we are? This is only about greed.

Why all the watering?

It's hard to believe that with the very mild weather and plenty of rain through the month of June that homeowners are wasting water with their automated lawn watering systems. The runoff adds to the already high levels in ponds, streams and rivers.

Explain this lie

I have a question for all the George Zimmerman supporters. Can any of them explain to me why, when Zimmerman was interviewed and asked if he knew anything about Florida's Stand Your Ground law, he replied that he knew nothing about it. It was later found that three months earlier he took a course at a community college on the law as well as how it applies to self- defense situations. The professor who taught the class said George was such an exemplary student and that he gave him an A for the course. And let's not forget the well-placed shot to the heart that would eliminate any testimony from Trayvon Martin. Zimmerman could have shot Martin in the shoulder instead, but dead men tell no lies. I believe Zimmerman is in trouble.

Not a winning case

I have followed the George Zimmerman trial on CNN and Fox news. There is no doubt the prosecutor has a bad hand; the defense is having a field day with the state's witnesses. There is one thing for sure: We need to stop all Neighborhood Watch programs and let the criminal elements have there way. from what I have seen so far, Zimmerman should not have been charged.

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