How do I get a concealed-carry permit? ISP begins adding info to website

News-DemocratJuly 8, 2013 

The Illinois State Police has added information to its website about carrying guns in public, as the clock ticks down on a federal court's deadline for the state legislature to enact a concealed-weapons law.

The frequently-asked-questions segment on concealed-carry was added to the ISP site on Monday, in response to questions from the public, said Monique Bond, spokeswoman for the agency.

"This is a work in progress and there will be other questions and answers added to the FAQ, but we wanted to give the public a resource to access on some of the basic questions and what to expect," Bond said.

The ISP website is here:

The concealed-carry FAQ is here:

After months of negotiation, lawmakers this spring passed a compromise bill that will allow people to carry guns in public. Last week, however, Gov. Pat Quinn issued an amendatory veto to the bill, rewriting parts of it to make the bill more restrictive.

Sponsors of the bill plan to call for a vote Tuesday to override the governor's veto. If the override succeeds, the bill would become law, without the changes made by Quinn.

A three-fifths majority vote is needed in both the House and Senate to override the governor's veto.

A federal appeals court ruled in December that Illinois' last-in-the-nation ban on carrying weapons is unconstitutional. The state has a Tuesday court deadline to come up with a law that outlines where a gun can be carried, and by whom.

If no such law is enacted, there would be almost no restrictions on carrying guns in public. Or at best, there would be a patchwork of laws enacted by different municipalities.

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