High cost, few results

July 8, 2013 

President Obama's wonderful adventure to Africa was just like most of his overseas vacations -- a big, fat bust that was estimated to cost us taxpayers up to $100 million. He also promised we, the American taxpayer, would kick in $7 billion to help upgrade an almost nonexistent electrical system. That is a heck of a bunch of money which America does not have.

Although he told folks in Africa that they needed to change their policy on gays, he did not mention the slave trade that exists there to this day. Was that because he is about 40 percent Arab, 50 percent white and less than 10 percent black? The fact that Arabs still prey on black people in Africa and sell them into slavery under the guise of bride buying, child labor, debt bonding and sexual slavery would seem to be just a bit more important than gay rights.

I know if I were of black African descent, I sure would be asking questions of the black leadership in America as well as the pretender in charge.

Obama is nothing more than a phony put in place by proponents of a one-world government. He is there because of the color of his skin and no other reason. It is way past time to admit this truth and try to save what is left of this once great country.

Larry McClintick


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