Far from the liberal left

July 9, 2013 

I love letter writer Leon Anderson like a brother, great letters, but I have to agree that generally writer Michael Ray Dillier does not come across as a far-left Democrat in the vein of other letter writers. I've read all of his letters and he seems similar to me on gun rights, limited government, strong patriotism and solid fiscal policy.

From what I read, like many local residents, Dillier is or was in a union and believes in the value of union membership, which mostly supports Democrats. Like me, I believe he's disappointed in some aspects of our current administration and local government, especially corrupt cops and mayors and overpaid school administrators. People of both parties can agree on that.

There are times I think Dillier and I could have a beer together, just not in a union hall. I still remember the letter he wrote of his mother's passing and to me, that shows he's a pretty decent guy.

Would he vote for George W. Bush? Probably not, and I didn't vote for Barack Obama, but we are all entitled to our rationally stated opinions.

Phil Henning


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