Politics is a real racket now

July 9, 2013 

In the United States we have the RICO Act (Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations). It was passed in 1970 by Congress with the goal of eliminating the ill effects of organized crime on the nation's economy.

I feel that today we need a similar law to protect the U.S. citizenry from the abuses of our public servants. U.S. public officials have become opportunists who only wish to gather power and line their pockets. If, in that process, they actually do the people's work, they gloat about it and assume their corrupt ways may be overlooked.

Whether employed, appointed or elected, corruption is rampant. Our own government along with organizations like the American Civil Liberties Union thrives of trampling the liberties and rights of the majority while embracing the minorities and kooks.

The ACLU should be disbanded. That would be a good start.

Jim Bonnevier


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