Prioritize spending, don't just cut

July 9, 2013 

People who want the federal government to cut spending probably don't want the U.S. attorneys who prosecute criminals furloughed for up to 16 days in the new fiscal year. But that's what could happen this fall if Congress continues to refuse to do its job and lets sequestration continue.

Sequestration, as one policy group put it, is a meat cleaver approach that is bad public policy. It results in necessary programs as well as the wasteful and optional ones getting cut in the same way.

We elect senators and representatives to manage federal spending -- to make sure money is available to go after bad guys and meet other national priorities -- not refuse to work together and instead allow a robotic, mindless process to make spending decisions.

Maybe the politicians think they will take less heat by doing nothing and make the other political party look bad. Wrong. They all look bad.

If elected officials continue to refuse to take charge of spending decisions and enact balanced budgets, the voters need to hold them accountable in the 2014 elections.

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