Can't assume the worst about Trayvon Martin

July 10, 2013 

When I first read Jim Walters' letter, "Don't give (Trayvon) Martin a pass," all I could say was: Wow, what an assumption. Then I thought that Walters clearly identifies with the first three letters of the word "assumption."

To assume that someone is a wannabe thug just because he wears a hoodie in the rain is totally ignorant and stereotypical. Martin was in the neighborhood where his father lives on his way to his father's house but never made it.

As far as getting a pass, he can't get anything; his hopes and dreams died that night. He doesn't even get to tell his side of the story. Yes, his hopes and dreams lost because of an overzealous wannabe gun-toting tough guy.

In my humble opinion, if George Zimmerman deserves a good citizen award then Walters deserves a dunce cap because surely he doesn't have the ability to comprehend what is fair and just.

The teen did not approach Zimmerman; Zimmerman approached him. The kid was not armed, so how could anyone say he got what he deserved?

Walters needs to get real and be fair, and if he can't be fair then he should just be quiet.

Louis Johnson


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