Obama calls the shots

July 10, 2013 

What a perfect platform on June 17, to relate his argument, without real challenge. President Obama's Edgar Bergen and Charlie McCarthy act, on the Charlie Rose platform.

Obama in effect asks his own questions to fit his prepared answers. Rose wanted to talk and even used the word "debt" once, which had to be ignored. It looked like poor Rose didn't understand his part but that was not a problem.

The president made a smooth delivery and Rose was an effective prop. As with Charlie McCarthy, the audience knows but enjoys allowing the ventriloquist to fool it. It's for fun and after leaving the program, there was no harm done. In this case with Obama and the imbedded liabilities, that analogy ends.

The president covered what he wanted to in the way he had planned. He and his party will consider the subjects to have been fully vetted and so modern-day "journalism" marches on.

History can call it the "Charlie Charlie Act;" maybe just "Charlie Ditto."

Bill Martin


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