Needed: Sensible immigration policies

July 11, 2013 

Do you need Social Security benefits for retirement? The Senate just passed an immigration reform bill. The bill will help fund Social Security and reduce federal deficits. The non-partisan Congressional Budget Office says so. It's good economics.

Who will pay the taxes to pay your Social Security benefits? In 1950 there were 16.5 workers paying for every beneficiary. By 2030 the estimate is 2.0. What taxes do today's 12 million illegals contribute? Nothing in a cash wages world.

There are four solutions: higher birth rates, more legal immigration, higher taxes or shooting the old folks. Our birth rate today is less than the population-sustaining rate; legal immigration is stagnant; higher taxes are a dead issue and we have enough gun problems.

Legal immigration must be simplified and supported. Three notions may stop it.

* We must secure our borders. Illegal immigration is already way down thanks to better border security. More fencing and/or more border agents --inserted in the Senate bill to get Republican support -- are a waste of money.

* Hispanics don't assimilate well. Studies show later generation Hispanic immigrants have English speaking rates equal to 20th century European immigrant rates. Also like Europeans, they come to better themselves, as Ronald Reagan correctly noted.

* They're here illegally; they don't deserve citizenship. If either we make the pathway to citizenship too difficult or we do nothing, only one outcome is possible: Soon we'll have twice as many illegals.

Eric Weidmann


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