New respect for Mike Matheny

July 12, 2013 

Recently I saw a very interesting article in the paper. The St. Louis Cardinals new manager, Mike Matheny, is quoted as making the following statement at the first team meeting with his players last year, "I am not going to shove my faith down your throat, but when the opportunity presents itself, don't expect me to walk away. This is who I am, and Jesus Christ is at the center of my life. It's all that I am, every day, every decision that I make. I'm going to stand up and tell you what I believe is true."

What excites me about his statement is that it's exactly how I feel about my Christian witness. Learning that such a well-known figure, subject to public criticism, is willing to express his Christian views makes me respect him all the more.

As a lifelong Cardinal fan, I really didn't need another reason to root for them. But now, thanks to Matheny, I have one. Go Cards.

Michael L. Lukens


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