Parents, keep control of education

July 12, 2013 

I have heard there is a bill proposed by the president that would have the government start educating our children, in some cases from six months of age up to five years. The reason given for this government intervention is that our children are not being properly educated.

I am sure that most responsible parents want their children educated but not to the standards set by a tyrannical government.

To consider allowing the education of our children by the government would be like allowing the fox to guard the hen house. I suppose if Congress decided not to pass this bill, the president could pass it by executive order, as he has with many things. This would lead to total indoctrination as was done in the 1930s. That is, if you know history.

Also, a college education is good, but if there are no jobs for those who would do the actual work to produce an item or a product to sell and generate wealth, there is little need for an individual with a college degree to manage or supervise them. We have just increased the number dependent on the government. I forgot -- this is the plan.

Parents, don't let the government raise your children.

Lew Hiatt


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