Does anyone care about our wasteful ways?

July 13, 2013 

Waste in government seems to increase every year. We send Egypt $1 billion, we spent $34 million on a building in Afghanistan for their military and they won't use it. We spent $45 million on a repair building for armored vehicles and is now used for a staging ground just to sort through equipment that is to be shipped out of the country. We spent $80 million and signed a 10-year lease on the building determined to be too vulnerable to attacks. We have a guy named John Sapko who is an inspector general for reconstruction of Afghanistan. How in the world do you reconstruct a sand lot?

I know we send millions to Africa, South America and god knows where else. All this money is borrowed and we the dumb bunnies are paying for it with interest. How stupid can we get. We even elect congressmen to represent us in Washington DC who don't do their job or these things wouldn't happen so often. They think nothing of blowing a couple hundred million here and there.

It's time for someone to stand up for American taxpayers. OBungler spends a million on a vacation junket supposed to sell America. Well I believe he has sold America -- out. It's getting to recall time so we can get rid of these vultures, say 2014.

I was trying to figure out why the USA is so much like Chicago, then it dawned on me: There isn't any difference at all, only the miles.

Charles Lyerla


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