Real estate: What's the selling price on your neighbor's home?

July 14, 2013 

Recent real estate transactions in the metro-east, including St. Clair and Madison counties:



* 304 River Laurel Drive; from Terrance D. Barbary and Wendy Barbary; to Robin D. Smith; $118,500.

* 419 E. C St.; from Julie T. Ruckman; to Brandon Downs and Cathryne Downs; $75,000.

* 20 Tumbleweed Drive; from Alan A. Ables and Carol J. Rees; to Joshua Fedele and Rebecca Fedele; $149,000.

* 2637 Cheyenne Wells Drive; from Fulford Construction Inc.; to Aaron V. Cox; $179,500.

* 1542 Hartman Lane; from Edward T. Bender; to Larry A. Freppon and Alice J. Freppon; $259,000.

* 1360 Radden Court; from Robert Halvachs Jr. and Terri Halvachs; to Robert Neff Sr. and Peggy Neff; $251,000.

* 785 Cedar Mill Drive; from Mark A. Pitchford and Keitha E. Pitchford; to Kenneth Kersting and Amanda Kersting; $168,500.

* 3390 Wildview Way; from David M. Wild; to June W. Wild, Trustee; $180,000.

* 920 Express Drive; from Keith Howard and Christine Howard; to Russell Hogue and Gloria Hogue; $110,000.

* 25 Commodore Drive; from Pamela Thurston; to Al Long and Amy Long; $158,000.

* 42 Janet Drive; from Yu Hui Zheng; to Actic Food Service Inc.; $112,500.

* 1801 N. 16th St.; from JPMorgan Chase Bank; to Robert J. Huelsman Sr. and Georgia L. Huelsman; $35,000.


* 508 Church St.; from Secretary of Housing and Urban Development; to Metro Property Partners PC; $17,500.

* 756 Jerome Lane; from First National Bank in Staunton to Main Street Real Estate Holdings LLC; $6,000.

* 22 Westwood Drive; from 316 Group LLC; to Pacer Cap LLC; $37,500.

* 3919 White St.; from 316 Advisors LLC; to Pacer Cap LLC; $37,500.

* 719 St. Nicholas Drive; from Barry Simmons; to Jon Hammond; $15,000.


* 7786 County Line Road; from Dennis G. Blumberg and Maureen J. Blumberg; to Bradley J. Kreisler; $600,000.


* 452 Edwin Drive; from Secretary of Housing and Urban Development; to Ryan Todd; $60,000.


* 714 S. Seventh St.; from Secretary of Housing and Urban Development; to Melanie Gore; $64,000 mortgage, but no sales price available.


* 994 N. 89th St.; from Alfred Anderson and Karen Anderson; to Whitney S. Weir; $20,000.

* 8310 Church Lane; from Alsandyra Essien; to David Ladipo; $15,000.


* 9703 Ridge Heights Road; from Delores Adamson to Joshua R. O'Dell and Rebecca C. O'Dell, $54,000.

* 417 Union Hill; from Janet Siddle; to Gene Robert Quayle; $45,000.


* 413 W. South St.; from Robert T. Stookey and Melissa L. Stookey; to Brian E. Haas and Kim M. Haas; $139,000.


* 1201 E. Highway 50; from Sandra J. Schempp; to Jason E. Schempp; $85,000.

* 110 Greentree Court; from Thomas R. Tschudy and Kathleen A. Tschudy; to Jeffre J. Schrum and Megan M. Schrum; $189,000.

* 503 Westfield Drive; from Joseph Elliott; to Ronald Harper and Vicki Harper; $152,500.

* 920 Stone Briar Drive; from D & F Contracting; to Gwendolym L. Randolph; $250,000.

* 1429 Clifton Way Court; from D & F Contracting; to Johnathon L. Smith and Julie A. Smith; $259,000.


* 704 W. Harrison St.; from Brent L. Hermann and Connie Joe Hermann; to Robbie Wolfmeier; $153,000.


* 135 Sawgrass Lane; from Timothy A. Taylor and Andrea K. Taylor; to Keith R. Benko and Allyson D. Benko; $382,500.

* 1004 Oak Tree Court; from William J. Eckert and Janet W. Eckert; to Susan Eckert; $185,000.

* 107 W. Brittany Lane; from Peter J. Flick and Dawn Flick; to Wayne E. Keck; $170,000.

* 920 Bird Dog Lane; from Matthew Lanahan and Christina Lanahan; to Cary Heyden and Deborah Heyden; $215,000.

* 6825 Ridge Pointe Drive; from Apex Homes; to Patrick Decicco and Melissa Decicco; $237,000.


* 2708 Cheyenne Wells Drive; from Fulford Construction Inc.; to Patrick Noonan and Carrie Noonan; $212,000.

* 1028 Hawkridge Run; from Nicholas Martin and Megan Martin; to Jason Holtmann and Elizabeth Holtmann; $235,000.

* 4025 Sassafras Lane; from Michael Kipp and Karyn Kipp; to Tiffany McCaughtry; $234,000.


* 520 N. Lincoln; from Richard C. Schilling; to Landon Branch and Mackenzie Branch; $220,000.


* 1626 Kinsella Ave.; from Wesley E. Frazer; to Matthew M. Monken; $54,000.

* 27 Wolf Creek Drive; from Todd Favre and Sharon Favre; to Jay Hoffman and Laurie Hoffman; $380,000.

* 4366 Shelfield Court; from Daniel R. Nelson and Christine R. Nelson; to Amanda M. Sater and Boyde Walker Jr.; $262,000.

* 2800 Old Caseyville Road; from Norma J. Dodds Revocable Trust; to David Helm and Catherine Helm; $155,000.



* 705 Valley View Drive; from Dana M. Scarff and Chad M. Scarff; to William E. Woodruff II and Amanda L. Woodruff; $113,000.


* 11 Creekside Drive; from Douglas Hartmann Jr.; to John N. Schiber and Marie C. Schiber; $134,000.

* 509 A&B Camelot Drive; from George Ann Henderson; to S2 Homes LLC; $117,500.

* 27 White Lily Drive; from Sandra C. Blair; to Ryan BeQuette; $95,000.


* 110 Stolze Drive; from Kenneth Springer and Kelly Springer; to Jacob Koch and Courtney Koch; $141,000.


* 211 Country Club View; from David V. McFarland; to Marjorie P. Gogart; $186,000.

* 7407 Conner Lane; from Andrew G. Conner and Julia A. Conner; to Leonard H. A. Volling III and Sarah M. Volling; $375,000.

* 506 Jamie Lynn Court; from Len S. Austin and Deanna Austin; to Jenny Daniels and Eric Daniels; $165,000.

* 241 Coventry Place; from Julie A. Mayfield; to Robert H. Yost and Diana L. Yost; $135,000.

* 727 Slipper Rock; from Sandra R. Engelke; to Charlene Blair; $135,000.

* 5001 Potters Court; from Valerie M. Marlett, Valerie M. Cushing, William Ganter; to Justin R. Finckbone and Sophia C. Finckbone; $170,000.

* 1927 Monticello Place; from Daniel S. Johnson and Linda K. Johnson; to Randolph L. McIntyre and Jodeen L. McIntyre; $175,000.

* 4525 Raulston Lane; from Catherine R. Patterson and William N. Patterson Jr.; to Joshua H. Evans; $116,500.

* 16 Timber Meadows Place; from Jonathan E. Wilkinson and Kimberly R. Wilkinson; to Melissa H. Hertz; $190,000.

* 315 State St.; from Mary J. Burke, Mary Jo Link; to John D. Schoolman and Nancy A. Schoolman; $207,000.

* 112 Frairs Lane; from Andrew Walter; to Bryan E. Speight and Candra C. Speight; $501,000.

* 5 Burton Place; from Philip W. Schlemer; to Ashley Hartman; $76,000.


* 319 Ingle Drive; from Daniel E. Nelson and Karie A. Nelson; to Stephanie Reinneck and Jason Reinneck; $169,000.

* 6241 Timberwolfe Drive; from Joseph F. Froehlich and Jayna C. Froehlich; to Michael K. McKinzie and Laura E. McKinzie; $362,500.

* 116 Meridian Oaks Drive; from Meridian Manors Development LLC; to Lerch Homes Inc.; $55,500.

* 132 Ellington Court; from Meridian Manors Development LLC; to Lerch Homes Inc.; $57,500.

* 7026 Gable Court; from Ptrick M. Keller and Sarah M. Keller; to Tyler C. Miller; $240,000.


* 6819 Wadlow Court; from Steven U. Enke and Julie M. Enke; to Shannon Effinger and Kevin Walker; $137,500.


* 2640 Benton St.; from Jessie R. Harris; to Leland A. Keel; $69,500.

* 2829 24th St.; from Matthew A. Whitehead and Amy L. Whitehead; to Mia Cass; $50,000.

* 2846 Grand; from Glindon Mathis; to Cassandra James; $65,500.

* 5155 Old Alton Road; from HomeInvestors LLC; to Linda Reeves and Michael Reeves; $115,000.

* 3329 Palm St.; from Thoams A. Peck; to Deborah A. Heintz and Gregory A. Heintz; $90,000.

* 20 Wilson Park Drive; from Fannie Mae; to HomeInvestors LLC; $29,500.


* 221 4th St.; from Elbert M. Elliott and Florence M. Elliott; to Britni Kelso; $60,000.


* 20 North Porte Drive; from Angela E. Powers and Matthew T. Powers; to David A. Prange; $194,000.

* 1609 25th St.; from David A. Svezia and Joi D. Svezia; to Robert Dettmers and Danielle Dettmers; $123,000.

* 250 Falcon Drive; from Nicole L. Ramsey and Christopher D. Ramsey to DAvid A. Svezia and Joi D. Svezia; $173,000.


* 1947 Wellington Lane; from Kevin P. Merrick, Danielle N. Merrick, Daniel N. Lowell; to Duc V. Chu and Kathryn K. Chu; $179,500.


* 307 Staunton Road; from Joshua M. Walker and Amanda S. Walker; to Kevin Ziegler; $65,500.


* 216 Ninth St.; from Joe Unverzagt and Lisa M. Unverzagt; to Steven L. Cummings; $45,000.



* 385 N. Ridge Road; from Suzanne M. Johnson; to Cheryl H. Vogt and Richard C. Vogt; $230,000.

* 503 N. Metter Ave.; from Gilbault Catholic High School; to Julie K. Braun and Michael A. Braun; $130,000.

* 3 Germania Drive; from Joel G. Huie; to Dawn M. Grafton; $137,500.

* 120 Carl St.; from Fannie Mae; to Jacob S.Weber; $90,500.

* 1535 Lovell Landing; from Michael A. Kendrick and Michelle L. Kendrick; to Allen K. Schmale and Lisa M. Schmale; $470,000.


* 104 Hillcrest Court; from Citigroup Mortgage Loan Trust Inc.; to Angela D. Limestall; $159,000.


* 610 S. Market St.; from Dorothy A. Steingrubey and Richad O. Steingrubey; to John F. Presley and Nancy A. Presley; $200,000.

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