Trayvon Martin didn't deserve to die

July 15, 2013 

Letter writer Jim Walters seems to have it in for Trayvon Martin. So what if he wore a hoodie and was much taller than George Zimmerman, why does that make it that Trayvon deserved to be shot and killed?

Is Walters saying that anyone who wears a hoodie and stands over 6 feet tall should be shot? It's very stupid, that a person should be shot just because of how he looks or how tall he is. That makes no sense to me at all.

Just because someone looks as if he could be bad news, a thug, whatever you want to call him, it doesn't mean that he is. Zimmerman should have waited for either backup or waited to see if Trayvon was going to do anything that could be considered dangerous.

In reality, he was a young person who was minding his own business when Zimmerman decided to do what he did. It doesn't matter what he was wearing, or how tall he was,. I still say he did not deserve to die, not that way.

Lori Felts


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