Not so fast on that beer

July 15, 2013 

Phil Henning states in his letter of on Wednesday that he would not mind having a beer with liberal letter writer Michael Ray Dillier. Wow!

Dillier is the guy who votes for the party that contains language in its written platform that they support the killing of unborn babies anytime, for any reason. The platform for Dillier's party also states that taxpayer money will be used for this infanticide. He does this because his union leadership tells him to. So he is somehow a great guy while letting his pocketbook dictate his morals.

Guys like Dillier are hypocrites and cowards who will not stand for what they say they believe in. They, like almost all other liberals, have no true core values that they are willing to stand for if it costs them anything that they value, but they sure as heck want those of us that think late-term abortion is akin to murder to pay for it with our taxes.

Henning can have a beer with Dillier if he wants, but I will be a little more careful of those I choose to sit down with.

Larry McClintick