Aviston quilters prepare for quilt show

News-DemocratJuly 17, 2013 

Mary Schulte's mother quilted.

She was a regular with the St. Francis of Assisi quilters in Aviston.

But not Mary.

"I could never quilt good enough," said Mary, 62, who is retired from government service. "After she (Helen Schulte) passed away, I started by threading needles and making lunch for the quilters. They would say, 'You know, you could quilt' or 'Get in here and quilt,' and I did."

That was 2006.

Mary is one of the group's biggest supporters, right now promoting its show that's 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. Saturday and Sunday in the Parish Center.

"We'll have every bit of a hundred (quilts)," she said. "The Aviston Sesquicentennial quilt will make its debut. It has been under wraps."

Kathy Barkman designed the log cabin queen-size quilt with the appliqued farm scene center.

"We're a rural community," said Kathy, helping stretch the piece onto the frame to be quilted. "I thought of a rural farm scene. They were basically all farmers when they started this. I had this calendar from 2000 I thought I was going to do something with someday."

It was filled with pictures of barns and windmills and water towers. Now, so is the 36-inch center of the quilt.

"There was no pattern," Kathy said. "I like the challenge."

"And she's good at it," said Mary. "She has an interest and a creativity. The first time she said she was going to do a black and white quilt, I said, 'OK,' but I wasn't real enthused. It turned out good."

The Ladies Sodality quilters, who regularly meets for five days at a time, four times a year, called a special session to complete the sesquicentennial raffle quilt and two raffle quilts needed for the Aviston Legion Auxiliary's pork sausage dinner.

"If we have 19 or 20 quilters, it's a good day," said Mary. "One time last year, we had 24 and we ran out of chairs."

That afternoon, a handful of women worked on their craft.

"There's a bunch of others that aren't here right now," said Mary. "They had to sing at a funeral. They went over to get lunch and come right back."

When the singers arrived, they oohed and aahed over Kathy's work.

"Is that the sesquicentennial quilt? Oh, my." and "Isn't that something?" and "Did you do all of that, Kathy? it's beautiful. Congratulations."

Kathy's biggest challenge is putting colors together.

"I wonder, 'Is this going to look OK?' That's any quilt."

The key?

"You find one piece of fabric you really like, then feed off of that one."

Kathy started quilting when her children were young.

"I don't know how I did it years ago," said Kathy, 64. "I managed a lumber yard for 10 years. Now, I'm semi-retired. I work 15 hours a week."

What does she like about quilting?

"Pretty much all of it," said Kathy. "We always try something different. We don't do just the same kind. I think getting together is the awesome part."

If you go

What: St. Francis of Assisi Ladies Sodality Quilt Show

Where: The air-conditioned parish center at Second and Clinton streets, Aviston

When: 11 a.m.-5 p.m. Saturday and Sunday

Cost: $3, includes refreshments

Bonus: Show-goers can take a chance on the sesquicentennial quilt, a dollar a chance or six for $5. The winner will be drawn June 8, 2014, during the sesquicentennial celebration.

Coming soon: The church picnic on Aug. 3. "Eighty of those quilts will be on the bingo," said Mary Schulte. "Bingo starts at 6:30. It's four games for a dollar. You can win a quilt for a quarter."

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