Belleville Township trustee gets full voting rights

July 17, 2013 

Belleville Township Trustee Ralph Hult wasn't appointed to the board just to be a placeholder, which is why he needs to start voting something other than "present."

We understand that the debate over whether his appointment is legal has caused his caution. His attorney has advised him to wait for a definitive ruling on his appointment.

But getting such a ruling probably will not be simple or quick.

Besides, the whole thing is ludicrous.

The sticking point is whether Hult has to be a member of the same party of the person he is replacing. That requirement might make sense for state or county offices held by Democrats or Republicans, but not for the the local Good Government Party.

The only person who seems worked up about Hult's appointment is township attorney Brian Flynn. He asked St. Clair County State's Attorney Brendan Kelly to decide, but as you can imagine, this issue is not at the top of Kelly's to-do list. Hult could be waiting months.

Besides, if Kelly rules against the appointment, so what? It would be just one more lawyer's opinion. It would take a court challenge and a judge to remove Hult.

Board members need get on with doing the people's business. Be bold, Mr. Hult, and start voting "yes" or "no."

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