Videos show good, bad of government

July 18, 2013 

Online videos of the Collinsville City Council meetings have expanded but not with out blunders and manipulative coverups.

Not only can we see all of our city meetings in action but also all of the subsidiary bodies like the Economic Development Commission and even our Uptown Development Commission along with seven others.

As of June 13 there are 76 uncompensated volunteers appointed or reappointed by Mayor John Miller.

Taxpayers are encouraged to go online to

Once on the city site, select "Boards and Commissions" and a list of the subsidiary bodies will pop up. Then clicking on the desired subsidiary will provide the final step of selecting agenda and minutes. Then the video will appear.

The videos also provide a great opportunity for taxpayers to see if minutes of meetings can be relied upon. For the May 9 meeting of the Historic Preservation Commission (HPC), a lengthy item was inserted in the on-line minutes that according to the video did not happen.

It also shows Chairman William Iseminger failed to obtain approval of minutes of the April 11 meeting. Approval of the minutes was not on the agenda so the chairman reacted accordingly.

The city liaison is Leah Joyce. The bogus minutes state the April 11 minutes were approved on May 9.

The City Council is responsible for the actions of HPC. It seems the 76 volunteers could use training and guidelines in video awareness as well as the value of transparency in all city business.

Bob DesPain


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