Carryout pizza is the final straw

July 18, 2013 

So at what point do working people say they've had enough?

We all know the welfare recipients get zero deductible health care.

We know they get free housing. They get free smart phones with unlimited texting.

We've all seen or heard about welfare recipients getting steak and lobster with their Link cards.

How much more insulting can they make it for us with these freeloaders?

How about carry-out pizza? That's right, Papa Murphy's has a sign out front bragging about how the deadbeats can use their Link cards to buy pizza. Not $1 Totinos pizza. Not $3 Tombstone pizza. No sir, if you don't work you can now get $15 carry out pizza. But don't worry, the useless leftist politicians you keep electing will pay for it by taking away the pensions of the state workers who spent 40 years providing needed services for you.

Mark Kern