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July 19, 2013 

Just some comments on things I have been reading in the news.

If those two Belleville city attorneys are insisting on participating in the IMRF pensions, why not just hire two different lawyers who aren't so greedy?

Parental consent for under 17-year-old pregnant teens seeking abortions: Don't you think if the girls believed they would have support from their families they wouldn't consider abortion? I am sure they are frightened enough without having to worry about being kicked out of their homes if their parents knew.

I believe in the Constitution, but concealed carry scares me. How many people with quick tempers -- who now get into arguments (including road rage!) -- would not hesitate to draw their guns? And let's not forget all the kids who manage to find guns around their homes now. More guns equal more tragedies.

Drug testing for public officials: If you are not on drugs, why worry about being tested? If you are on drugs, you don't belong in public office.

Sharron Lindsey


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