Caseyville is a hard sell

July 19, 2013 

Caseyville thought that Collinsville Police Lt. Todd Link would be the perfect new police chief for the village. The Madison and St. Clair County sheriffs thought so, too.

"We're very, very happy with him," Caseyville Mayor Len Black beamed in late June when he announced Link's selection as chief.

But this week Black's happiness turned to heartbreak when Link turned down the job.

Link was polite in doing so, and talked about Caseyville's "tremendous potential for growth and prosperity."

We suspect he ultimately passed on the job because of all the turmoil in village government and in the department leading up to the suicide of former Chief J.D. Roth. Link probably decided that the potential for headaches just wasn't worth risking the move.

That's what happens when a community gets a negative reputation -- good people often don't want to work there.

Black and trustees can't undo the past, but they can work together to regain the public's trust and shed the negative reputation. If they can do that, more quality candidates will want to say "yes" to job offers in the future.

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